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Post-Fallout Equestria : Episode1 Page14

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I confess that Im slightly interested in what could be the motivation for treating a hero such a Pip of the Little in such a fashion....power hungry arseholes....yeah imma bet on that one.
Wow... they've got an even bigger stick up their ass than the New California Republic...
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Nicely done
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i cant express how cute your littlepip is!
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NYPD : poor littlepip
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were chapter 15?
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Following a everything-pony burnout resulting in a hiatus lasting until last week, page 15 is 70% completed.

Will be out soon*.
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ford crown victoria NYPD : no not littlepip
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ford crown victoria NYPD: yet he is
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Wow. What a dick.
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A dick brick with a stick in his wick.
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*Throws a brick at Brick* huehue
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I wonder if his head is full of bricks instead of a brain.
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Most likely just full of bricks.
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That would explain why he doesn`t give a buck about personal space.
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This is what i hate about brain dead government people. They never think of respecting peoples or in this case, ponies privacy. I'd happily empty a whole smg clip in each soldiers face.
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Honestly, I like this Littlepip. Much more calm and in-control of herself.
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Well she has had 10 years with her thoughts to properly figure out her life and past actions. So she has changed quite a bit.
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Eeyup, my thoughts exactly.
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Oh I see now. Brick took Stupid Pills this morning.
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Oh my Can't she ever get a break. Well They will realize what a mistake they are doing soon.
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And why hasn't Celestia done something yet? She is the security system, after all.
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