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Get out of here Oliver before she throws you off the SPP hub
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1) You're gonna try to detain the mare who killed a dragon. Really?

2) Celestia controls the security systems of SPP.
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Ring Ring cell phone <<<--- Could someone get that, BECAUSE I ****ING CALLED IT!
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Oh hell no! No one touches Littlepip!
NO ONE! :rage: Lemme at them!

Nicej ob brosef
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I've finished reading "Fallout Equestria" a few days ago and it caused a lot of pain for me.
I was so sad the whole time, because... You know... Littlepip.

I already started to think about (actually plan) a way to continue the story - in a different way from yours, but...

Your version - those 12 pages - helped me already a lot. Whenever I've said in my life: Thank you very much!
I never meant it more than now.

I really hope you will continue this!

(Is there a written version of this? A FanFic?)
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I had a similar final reaction to reading Fallout Equestria, which prompted me to write Post-Fallout Equestria.

Post-Fallout Equestria started out as a fanfiction, but I soon figured my writing ability was lousy by my own standards. It was laughable, when I looked back on it. After participating in the Artist Training Grounds, I decided I could try drawing the story with pictures instead of words. I use bullet points to mark events that take place at a certain time, then hope I can connect the dots in a logical way.

I'm quite flattered, and most inspired by your kind comments.
A new page should be released... soon.

In the history of bad ideas... This...
Correction: Attempting to detain Littlepip is a bad idea.
Detaining Littlepip is an awful idea
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DIBS ON THE UNICORN! Her name is Brick, and she is the prettiest.
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Dun dun duuuuhhh!
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Oh, goddesses
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Celestia doesn't look too happy about this turn of events.  Wonder what SHE'LL do to these three jerks?!
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Saw this coming.
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So I suspect one of three outcomes to this meeting:

1.)  The big guy and by extension, the NCR have gone and consulted Homage, Calamity, VR and so on, and have a legitimate claim for arresting Littlepip, which they or LP's friends are about to explain in detail.  (pretty unlikely at this point)

2.)  The NCR troops do not have a valid reason for detaining Littlepip but they have come equipped with the appropriate counter measures to deal with LP's Alicorn Tier telekinesis and the SPP's defense systems.

3.)  Reggie and/or the NCR ruling council genuinely believe that sending three guys to arrest the freaking BRINGER IF LIGHT AND LEGENDARY HERO was a good idea (particularly silly since she was about to hand over control of the SPP anyway!).  In which case I must say, I'm a little miffed at the lack of professional respect this implies. :shrug:
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Pip's gonna be a little out of practise... but old reflexes will return... and I'm sure with a telekinesis level such as hers she'd be able to steal one of their weapons!
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if Celestia doesn't kill them first, of course
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Well, this implies that she could.
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Detain her... Do they know who they are messing with!!!!
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Holy fak, do these ponies not know what Lilpip did to Old Appleoosa and Arbu? Talk about too stupid to live.
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