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"Sup *yay*, I'm Lil' Pip, known as the stable dweller to the good, & The Hellmare to flithy sinners. How ya doin?"-Lil' Pip.
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Don't give the stink eye to a mare that could kill all three of you in seconds.
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Yami rolling eyes *Disdain already rising*
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I don't like this guy...

Nice job.
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He doesnt look to happy to see her. Man screw procedures why does she need a label to stay in the spp? Or is it cus they were just using that as an escuse to kick her out?…
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I'm loving this so far! :D
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It is important one of the NCR ponies was a Unicorn.
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This already looks like it will go well!
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That pony with the mohawk look like he myad.
He does. And that makes me scared
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Now the bastards arrest Littlepip for crimes against ponydom.
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Have to admit it took me a moment to realize whats going on and why the NCR troops look so discombobulated.  Guess travel via dragon fire is just as painful as ever! :P

Also I suspect that the big guy is either about to ask LP for her autograph, or LP is in for some serious trouble!
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Why would she be in trouble? Yeah sure she dispanded the enclave by clearing the clouds but how many lives had she save by doing so? Im so confused.
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I really like how it only took about 10 years for NCR to become complete douches, who think they can take everything they want. On that note, I am surprised that Twilight Society didn't stop them by making them racall what kind of tan they can give them. Don't they owe Littlepip like... a big time?
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You are kinda missing the point.

The NCR isn't evil. They are the legitimate governing body of Equestria, and naturally they wish to have control of the basic infrastructures of their own country. It is perfectly natural they would feel the need to do so as I'm sure is the majority of Equestria's population does, because it really doesn't make sense for a civilized country to allow a vital infrastructure to be governed by a single individual in a state of total unaccountability.

And it is abundantly clear LittlePip also understands this, which doesn't mean she doesn't have ambivalent feelings about it. The Twilight Society probably understands it too, assuming they haven't been fully integrated into the NCR. And no, I could be wrong, but I don't remember they owning LittlePip anything.
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I knew it I knew it, Littlepip never gets a break after being safe for 10 years, lol. Defiantly not friendly NCR.
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