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Post-Fallout Equestria : Episode1 Page1

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 As whole bunch of stuff is about to go down.
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Octavia's descendant?
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*Cracks neck* Okay, new comic to read. Just got done reading FO:E and Im slightly depressed (I have eaten all my ice cream) so a nice....gentle after story that will give Littlepip the happy ending she deserves....I need this...please do this for me, I have no more Ice cream.
Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
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Ooooo... interesting.
Nicely done.
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I never knew I wanted needed this, but I DO!
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Am I the the only one who noticed the sailor moon pony
Vinyl Scratch is still alive?
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No, she's just an heir
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Interesting thing about this is Octavia as a waitress. I just don't see her descendants if she ended up with one as a waitress. And if we go by Project Horizons we know she died in Hoofington with her soul trapped in her Cello.
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Maybe Octavia, Vinyl (I know it's Homage), Lyra, etc. were reincarnated in another time? You know, a second shot at life.
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Good morning Canterlot Wastes, this is DJ Pon3-Dawg, AWOOO!! Bringin' you the news, no matter how bad it hurts.
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A good demonstration that good stuff does not depend on expensive or sophisticated software. Ms Paint is just fine if you have the skills.
Wow, 'Tavi. You're looking pretty good for being two hundred years old.

Anyway, Homage, time to come out?
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"Yours truely" should be "Yours truly".
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And it's "calendars", not "calandars".
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Right you are. Tell king-koder that.
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Thanks for the catch. Fixed.
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3 days - inb4 Half-Life 3
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I all ways listened to Vinyl in an Australian Accent. Fits is better. Plus I love Sniper.
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I can't believe how talented you are with MS Paint of all things.
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Looks like a good start, glad to see it finally coming out!  Can't wait to see more.
Aaaand I don't now what to tell. I am afraid that I will see "ah, guys, everything is settled now, we have friendship, magic, and all other cool stuff!".

I for one don't think there would be way back to canon Equestria - too much has changed.
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