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Littlepip Posing


"Littlepip posing with Little Macintosh."

So I've been practicing a new art strategy when it comes to drawing larger scale ponies, and I think it worked out pretty good! You may see more of this style when I draw larger ponies doing things in the comic.

On another note, I thought about opening Requests again for a short time following each pages release. Found out that drawing other scenes ultimately helps me concentrate better. So if you have any requests for future art pieces or scenes, please let me know in the Request journal (Bonus incentives for Fo:E characters, or scenes probable to appear in the comic).

Next: Velvet Remedy at the Water Hole

Hope you all like.
Littlepip from Fallout Equestria, written by Kkat.
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How is Littlepip holding her revolver? Perhaps some magic field around it, I guess. Love your comic and art style, keep it up!
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hehe Little Pip looks so bad ass and cute
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My name's Pip, Littlepip ~
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Art strategy when drawing large ponies?
why would you draw LITTLEpip then?

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Because Littlepip is best pony, of course!
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she shure is a good pony!
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No pressure, but: I <3 you x__x
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