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ATG Day7 - Welcome

Submission for Artist Training Grounds IV - Day 7.
"Draw a pony taking a break/Draw a pony settling down"

Fluttershy invites Littlepip into her home for the night.

Hope you all like.
Littlepip and Homage from FoE, written by Kkat.
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as far as I know flutters is the only non ghoulified pre war pony alive
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Nopony else could have lived that long unless there is a Stable-111 waiting to release it's Sole Survivor. Starlight Glimmer, maybe?
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I wondered why Flutters had glasses, had to read through the comments. Very cute.
And nicely pixelated as always!
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is she still alive?
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 She is! It's... possibly the single largest spoiler of FoE, that Fluttershy is still alive over 200 years past when she should've died, but yes. She was turned into a tree by Killer Joke (poison joke mutated into something quite vile by radiation) and it was only through the efforts of Velvet Remedy that Fluttershy was restored. She's... troubled, and has a lot of issues to work on, not to mention substantial amounts of survivor's guilt over so many different things(such as the entirety of Equestria, given some could argue she was the reason it perished in balefire to begin with) but she's alive.
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Ohh thanks for the spoiler
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You're quite welcome.
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This looks so amazing ^-^
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It's neat to see the older Fluttershy! Neat work! She doesn't look a day past 250! hehehehehe!
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Nice can't wait to see the continuation of your comic
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Message from Kkat:

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This is adorable.
LOVE! But then, you know I love your stuff with Fluttershy, since you gave me permission to use it on my tumblr.
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