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ATG Day6 - Becoming Popular

Submission for Artist Training Grounds IV - Day 6.
"Pony Legend/Pony Larger Than Life"

It didn't take long for the general public to learn that the legendary Lightbringer walked amongst them.
Too many ponies to draw in a day.

Hope you all like.
Littlepip and Velvet Remedy from FoE, written by Kkat.
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Where Velvet was the idol of an entire stable, and lilpip was just one of the fans... to where  Lilpip is mobbed by fans and Velvet is little known....
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Not familiar with popularity...Infamy , yes.. notoriety, yes... but true loving popularity, no! ...Neat work!
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Lol, Well that will be interesting when she gets back with her friends after coming out of the single pony project, so who took over for her or are the Pegasi finally realising how much of duschbags they have been after 10 years and are starting to rejoin equestria.