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ATG Day25 - Saucy Summer

By king-koder
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Submission for Artist Training Grounds - Day 25.
"Draw a pony at the beach/Draw a pony surfing"

The Stable Dweller spends her first day at the beach with Homage.

Homage bares her new bikini in front of Littlepip, while exploiting Littlepip's weaknesses to the fullest that she is very fond of staring at flanks.

Note: I wanted to do something playful and naughty today, and what better venue then the beach? I vow I will never submit anything NSFW; and as far as suggestive, this is AS DANGEROUSLY CLOSE as I will ever dare to present... I ask, should I tag this as mature?

Hope you all like.
Littlepip and Homage from FoE, written by Kkat.
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0-0 Lemonade *sspppiiittt*
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7u7 7u7
7u7 7u7
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Homage: -smirks and purposely has bikini tight- hey pip, could you help with this?
Littlepip: -eyes widen and blushes deeply- -accidentally squeezes the lotion too hard and gets it all over back-
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ya that's what I meant

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I can't even handle how adorable these drawings are. I need to get off my ass (or, on my ass...) and draw some fanart too! 
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I see rings on their horns. Looks like Littlepip's proposal on the previous day was accepted!  :iconprincesstwilightplz:
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Oh my she is such a tease
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What's with the rings?

*sees previous picture*

Oh... :)
I don't always fave pics, but when I do, they are about Littlepip staring at Homage's flank. Extraordinarily cute! ^_^
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Adorably cute and nowhere near needing a mature tag.
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yeah, mature tags are needed only if there is a small indentation on the bikini bottom where her flank is
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I see, and know what it is you refer to. Definitely staying away from that at all costs.


Many thanks for the clarification.

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Hehehe! Very cute. I love the mental dilema that is pony clothing. ADDING clothes generally makes it kinkier.
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Snrk! oh the places a mind will go when someone flirts, poor poor pip being taunted.
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