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ATG Day10 - First Aid

Submission for Artist Training Grounds IV - Day 10.
"Draw a pony decorating/Draw a pony wrapping"

Velvet Remedy wraps a bandage around a patients injury.
Ran out of time. Will update later.

Hope you all like.
Littlepip and Velvet Remedy from FoE, written by Kkat.
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"I hope this little incident has taught Calamity to think before he speaks." Velvet said loud enough for the others to hear.
"It won't." I reminded her.
"Key word is Hope Littlepip. I am under no illusions about him, but I shall remain optimistic for his sake."
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I noticed it seems like you stopped these pretty abruptly, and you were doing so well too, I just wanted to make sure you didn't die or something. Did...did you die or something?
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I'm not dead yet, my drawing arm though...

I stopped on ten for reasons.
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Well I hope that your arm is ok and that you continue to be not dead
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Littlepip must be slipping if thats the only injury she has lol
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With all that Littlepip went through that is nothing, but still cute.
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I'm assuming this is before Gardens of Equestria restored the land?
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Aww!! This picture is soooo cute!! :)
Haha! :)
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Just one bandaged leg?  Littlepip must've had a light day.
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