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Alisaie and Ga Bu


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Alisaie and Ga Bu


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Corporal for King-Icarus

King Boar EC

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Als Skoll -yhh (FerretRocher)

Art of My Drakehests

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We Took it Down | RoS

For Me: ARPG Art

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Drakehest Import 21910

My Drakehest Imports

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10 shades of grey - CLOSED

KB Designs + Imports

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ID 45328

My Tokota Imports

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Nimbostratus 7609

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Calder 11890

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Selene 0351

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Eliana 038

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tropical triforce

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Thunder Ridge

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Stargazer Lily


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Love Me A Lineage

Obertaurer Conference 2018You know you want to. Don't  try to fight it Lately the horse community seems to honor starters over horses with AMAZING lineage. Not cool. What IS cool is collecting badass HARPG-ancestry. After past breeding games like the "Round Table of Breeders" and "Breed me a Favor" Obertaurer proudly announces it's new breeding project: Love Me A Lineage >><< How to Enter: -Make sure your Obertaurers are referenced and registered (aka ref submitted to the group) -Minimum age is 5 years to offer breedings -Minimum 3rd Generation (has a complete set of Parents and Grandparents) !!!!! -All types and crosses are we

HARPG Resources

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Player Profile [F2U]

 Player Information :thumb697008330:  Level: Newcomer  Name:   Aurora Points: 0 Achievements none   Esksnone

ARPG Group Resources

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3DE Cross Country Table Jump Refusal Series 9

Horse Stock with Tack

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STOCK - 2014 Total Equine Expo-17

Horse Stock Tackless

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STOCK - 2014 Total Equine Expo-23

Western Stock

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Racing Stock

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IWC 231

Canine Stock

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Desert Field 002

Background Stock

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Custom Brushes | Weeping Willow and Water Lily

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Reference sheets -PREVIEW-


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cat family base f2u (ms paint friendly)

Bases, Line Arts, etc

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Pixel Tiramisu icon [Free to use]

Pixel Resources

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STAMP: Gray Wardens

CSS-Page Resources

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Painted Horse Adopts OPEN [3/12]

Purchased: Adopts, Designs

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Corporal for King-Icarus

For Me

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Charas for Sale

Clearing unused charas out for some last minute Christmas funds. All dogs are $5 obo. All pons are $5 obo. Dragon - $50 obo

Purchased: from Journals

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Painted Horse Adopts OPEN [3/12]

Adopts: Equines

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[Adopts] Chibis | Auction |closed

Adopts: Humanoids

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Fox Adopts 1/2 Open | $10

Adopts: Canines

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