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well since stamps are a hot topic now

[stamp template]

let's see how many offended lameos who can't use google THIS one will attract!

[things to keep in mind before commenting and seeking a """debate""":
1.) i dont have to google things for you.
2.) i know you're not just trying to seek a civil conversation, you absolute dumbfuck.
3.) it is not my responsibility to coddle your hurt feelings on scientific issues. facts are facts, and you get to accept them.
4.) if you think i'm NOT gonna post this in every SJW-related anti-SJW safe space tag known to man, you are completely out of your mind :p]
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Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina! As in TWO genders.

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Yeah. There's actually more than two sexes too bc you can be intersex.

Also sex and gender are two separate things. Gender is mental. Sex is your genitals.

Next you'll say that vaccines cause autism. :rofl:

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Exactly. Let nonbinary people be nonbinary

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I agree as a nonbinary.

If I tell others my true gender, I will get stereotyped and sexualized.

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gender is made up. lol

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Well, you're wrong sweetie... There's just 2 GENDERS: Male and Female.
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okay pop team epic icon
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no, i'm not upset
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"Your life has been spared"
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Bless u for creating this stamp

As someone who recently discovered their identity as non-binary, i'm tired of hearing "non-binary doesn't exist", "There's only two genders", and the most classic one: "u are just confused" 

More people like me exist, and yes, there's even genderfluid, bigender, etc... And probably more genders that we still haven't discovered! I'm not confused and i know this is me, i've never actually felt comfortable that people called me a he or a she, i like girly and boyish things equally, well, whatever what society sees as "girly" or "boyish" 

I think about it like some boxes, there's two boxes, male and female, or at least those are the boxes that most people think that are in the room, some stuff (people) fit in the male box and other in the female stuff, but there are other stuff that fit in the non-binary box, genderfluid box, bigender box, or other boxes, but people don't think that they will fit or they deny that the box is there, but it's only because they don't wanna see it...
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i feel like some people are too fucking stupid to look up "list of biological genders"

I assume you're talking about chromosomes:







All occur naturally. Just to clarify, six is more than two.

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bbb-b-b-b-b-but MEH BIOLOGCYYY!!!!! LET ME BE OFFENSIVE AND IGNORANT Rage Rage Rage Rage
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Not funny I didn't laugh. Your joke is so bad I would have preferred the joke went over my head and you gave up re-telling me the joke. To be honest this is a horrid attempt at trying to get a laugh out of me. Not a chuckle, not a hehe, not even a subtle burst of air out of my esophagus. Science says before you laugh your brain preps your face muscles but I didn't even feel the slightest twitch. 0/10 this joke is so bad I cannot believe anyone legally allowed you to be creative at all. The amount of brain power you must have put into that joke has the potential to power every house on Earth. Get a personality and learn how to make jokes, read a book. I'm not saying this to be funny I genuinely mean it on how this is just bottom barrel embarrassment at comedy. You've single handedly killed humor and every comedic act on the planet. I'm so disappointed that society has failed as a whole in being able to teach you how to be funny. Honestly if I put in all my power and time to try and make your joke funny it would require Einstein himself to build a device to strap me into so I can be connected to the energy of a billion stars to do it, and even then all that joke would get from people is a subtle scuff. You're lucky I still have the slightest of empathy for you after telling that joke otherwise I would have committed every war crime in the book just to prevent you from attempting any humor ever again. We should put that joke in text books so future generations can be wary of becoming such an absolute comedic failure. Im disappointed, hurt, and outright offended that my precious time has been wasted in my brain understanding that joke. In the time that took I was planning on helping kids who have been orphaned, but because of that you've waisted my time explaining the obscene integrity of your terrible attempt at comedy. Now those kids are suffering without meals and there's nobody to blame but you. I hope you're happy with what you have done and I truly hope you can move on and learn from this piss poor attempt.

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aw man you got me there :(
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honestly i think the issue boils down less to biology and more to psychology. which makes the issue even more mindblowing. it’s literally that people are too stupid to stop and consider that their own experiences are not inherently universal.
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I have no idea if this is worth anything, but I actually did do some googling for the cockwaffles in the comments, and I really don't want something that took like an hour and a half of researching to just be to one dipshit in a buried reply. I'll sub the thing so it takes up less space (and reword for general use).

To start with: Nonbinary is the "more than two genders" umbrella term (as well as itself a gender identity) that encompasses a bunch of gender identities outside male and female. This argument is going to assume you think male and female are the only two genders, in which case I feel sorry for your only two brain cells.

First on the list, pronouns weren't generally gendered up until the colonial era - we usually used singular they.…
Singular they isn't a esjaydubya special snowflake pronoun, it's been around since the 13th century, and only with the mid-1800s (i.e around the same time as colonialism was really taking off and the American Civil War was about to begin) did he/him attempt to replace it as a singular pronoun. That works out great if you are a man, not so great if you're not a man. Only recently did we push for more gender-neutral language to be used again, and to reiterate: yes, they/them is not just plural usage. Dictionaries do recognise the use of singular they and also of nonbinary people.…

In addition, several non-American languages have more than two genders (The Niger-Congo language acknowledges 7- 10 genders), so it is primarily a Western concept that "there's only two genders". 

So pronouns are against the concept of only two genders, and the largest times of support in favour of only two genders were during times where America was in the process of slaughtering as many of its Indigenous population as possible and dragging African and Irish citizens away from their lands to be slaves on English, French, and Spanish plantations (at the same time as these countries, alongside The Netherlands and Germany, were invading Asia and Africa). 

Let's go for biology next. The most well-known differentiation of sex (and in your wrong opinion gender) is chromosomes, namely sex chromosomes - XX and XY. Generally these are female and male respectively. However, chromosomes are well known to mutate pretty regularly. Pale/white skin is a chromosome mutation, as are green and blue eyes - both in "regular" variation and in an albino variation. Breeders often breed animals to get these mutations intentionally.
Sex chromosomes behave the same. They inevitably and eventually mutate and get results that aren't XX or XY - which would mean, by the logic of "Sex and gender are the same thing", that these people are neither male nor female (and of course, are not a "third sex", as there is more than a single mutation)
It's also not as infrequent as you'd suspect - you're probably thinking "Oh, it's just an EXTREMELY rare defect, there's probably only like 40 people on the entire planet with it". If that's what you are thinking, wrong again.
the number comes out to about 1 in 1500 to 1 in 2000 births.
XXY chromosomes actually come out to be about 1 in 1000, or 0.1% of people. More people have XXY chromosomes than live in New Zealand. So since we're pretending intersex people don't exist because there's too few of them, should we just pretend New Zealand doesn't exist? I guess we'll have to dump almost every pretty-looking Western Fantasy film. Say goodbye to Lord of the Rings! Or better option, just recognise that "Two genders!!!" and "Gender and sex are the same!!!" cannot coexist as simultaneous viewpoints without contradicting each other and cancelling each other out. Science has proven the existence of intersex people, and their sex and gender definitely won't match up and be the same. 

So if pronouns don't support two genders, and if sex doesn't support two genders, then maybe psychology or brain physiology supports two genders with only male and female brains? 
Nope, once again, there's no support in terms of psychology or physiology.…
Lise Eliot, a professor of neuroscience at the Chicago Medical School and the author of Pink Brain, Blue Brain, says that anyone who goes searching for innate differences between the sexes won’t find them.
... behavior and school performance differences between men and women are strongly shaped by socialization.

So if there's no considerable difference between "male" and "female" brains, that would suggest that a. neither sex nor physiology nor psychology have any say in whether someone is a man or a woman, and b. this would further suggest that more genders like nonbinary, agender, genderqueer, neutrois, bigender, demiboy/demigirl, and genderfluid, all exist as well. 

So I think I made my point about nonbinary being entirely valid pretty clear. 
The National Geographic released an article informing people of the existence of nonbinary people and validating us with scientific evidence - and as National Geographic is a scientific resource, I feel it should be trusted significantly. It affirms a lot of what I've said previously - that sex isn't clearcut and a lot of intersex people exist and identify both within and outside the gender binary, that trans women and trans men exist, and that increasing numbers of people are identifying as trans and nonbinary. It also provides a pretty harrowing look into how we're treated by cis people.… 

Sorry for the lengthy comment but it is in support of nonbinary people, so I hope that it's at least Good™ to have. Feel free to copy-paste it if some other dipshit decides to waste your time.
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oh my god thANK YOU 

finally someone who uses a brain in this comment section.

I can now actually prove a point to someone this is my favorite comment here er8yyggy4ry
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