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you all love thick skin so much, so why not grow some? if a widdle sensitive SJW like me can accept white privilege as a reality, which it is, and not feel all offended and upset about it, why can't the strong paragons of logic, the anti-SJWs do the same?

[things to keep in mind before commenting and seeking a """debate""":
1.) i dont have to google things for you.
2.) i know you're not just trying to seek a civil conversation, you absolute dumbfuck.
3.) it is not my responsibility to coddle your hurt feelings on scientific issues. facts are facts, and you get to accept them.
4.) if you think i'm NOT gonna post this in every SJW-related anti-SJW safe space tag known to man, you are completely out of your mind :p]
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How can I get some of that? As a white male I've had to work for my grades in school and I have to work 8 hours a day, five days a week to keep the lights on. Do I get a free car? Currently I ride an (In poor condition) bicycle 4 miles a day to go too and from work. Drop me the cords on where I can get some of this white privilege.

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I bet you believe the earth is flat and vaccines don't work

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we literally do not believe in these.

What ate you talking about? What does this have to do with flat-earthers and anti-vaxxers?

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Not really so much anymore. It's all but dead at this point.
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It ain't. End of story.
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well ya know it's not the kid's fault if they're born white and live in a good environment
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i mean... that's kind of part of the point, white privilege is something you don't choose, and neither is suffering racism. 
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that's why i kinda think it's stupid, especially being "inherently oppressive"
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i think you're falling victim to the lie that all "anti-sjws" tell when they explain white privilege to people - they want you to think that being called "privileged" is an attack against your character and an attempt to get you to hate yourself, which is kind of ridiculous.

all "white privilege" means is "you were lucky enough to be born into a socially favored race, so you do not experience racism, which means furthermore that when people of color talk about racism, you probably will not understand on a personal level what they mean or how to know what is and is not racism beyond 'RAWRRRR KKK BURNING CROSSES' and people flat-out admitting that they think the white race is superior to all others."

similarly, "check your privilege" (a now largely dead phrase since the anti-sjws turned it into a meme) only ever meant "be aware that BECAUSE of your privilege in whatever area (race, gender, sexuality, etc.), you do not understand oppression against groups you don't belong to, so be careful about making judgment calls like 'so and so group is so oversensitive' or 'so and so group is wrong, this is SO not oppressive!'"

the right wants the concept of privilege to be oppression against whites, men, cishet people, etc so bad but the fact of the matter is, everyone experiences privilege on some level and should be aware of it. black men have male privilege. white trans lesbians have white privilege. poor black disabled straight men have straight privilege. the concept of privilege is not this black and white "your life is inherently easy all the time vs your life is inherently unlivable all the time", but rather it describes the fact that we are all unique quilts of privilege and disprivilege and the intersecting issues affect all our lives differently

tl;dr no one wants people to whip themselves for being white, that's just what the "anti-sjws" want people to think
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"they want you to think that being called "privileged" is an attack against your character"

It IS an attack on their character, as it assumes the default possession of a trait whose existance you cannot assume, which just FYI is exactly the point that disproves the old "white privilege" chesnut.

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This actually makes a lot of sense! I was unfamiliar to the whole concept of white privelege, but this sums it up perfectly. I think the whole reason that other white people have a hard time accepting that they have privelege is because it seems to them like a personal offense. Really, it's nothing personal to us individually, it's just that we've never been opressed or disadvantaged in society because of our skin. That's what people need to understand. :)
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but,,, white people can experience racism
racism applies to anyone, no matter the color. i've seen white people get harrassed, mutilated and even worse because of their skin color.

i think it's kind of unnecessary to coin a term for it, but i don't think white privelege is a bad thing. it just seems like people expect white people can't be oppressed.
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there is a massive difference between racism and discrimination, and there’s been a huge co-opting of the term.

white people can experience abuse and discrimination (even if very rare and generally small in scale compared to actual racism) based on the color of their skin, but white people have not ever experienced racism.

white people cannot be oppressed for being white, there are no structures of oppression built to target whiteness.
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just you wait lmao
seeing how the world is turning out

christians, straight & white ppl are gonna fucking suffer 
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yeah idk i cannot see it considering it has never been safer to be christian, straight and white
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So is female privilege and Jewish privilege.

Ooh. Racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism. That's impressive, even for you.

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So according to you, saying that a group has privilege is hate speech against that group. By your logic, the OP is racist.

Missing the point...

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What was your point then, if not that saying a certain group has privilege makes you racist against that group?

I don't actually remember... Sorry

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