Pokemon Theme Nuptup Edition

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By King-Girm
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Pokémon Nuptup Edition

I wanna beat, the Nuzlocke test
Starting with Route 24
There’s an Oddish that reeks of death
I wonder what’s in store?

Sucking souls across the world
For 30 episodes
Got their ass kicked by a girl,
We kicked them in their chodes.

Devour 'em all (It's you and me)
Have a taste of Solarbeam
Oh, your godly power
In a world we must devour!
Devour 'em all (A heart so dark)
Misty was a walk in the park
Koga couldn’t leave a mark,
Gotta eat 'em all
Gotta nom 'em all

The Elite Four were child’s play
Now Guidjits in our face
A metal screech, Q is down
There is no second place

Farf and Stellar went down like knights
That’s where you stepped in
Idilsor died, but hey, it’s ‘aight
At least we had Leebin

Devour 'em all (We brought the pain)
We left their husks Giga Drain’d
Oh, you're my best friend
You made it to the end!
Devour 'em all (Fanart so true)
Lagiacrus will always be with you
Oh,he, Wepler and Jeflump too
Devour 'em all
Overpower 'em all
Just a parody of the Pokemon theme I made about the best Vileplume in the poke-world. (which it has since devoured)

Nuptup is owned by ProJared (Or maybe the other way around)
Nintendo owns Pokemon
© 2013 - 2021 King-Girm
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FaolanHart's avatar
*Wipes tear from eye*
That was beautiful.
Makes me wonna watch the whole Let's Play again.
Distortedsweeper's avatar
Make this on youtube! I all the fans will love it! 
Step 1: Rock Out
Step 2: Cock Out
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Nuptup
Mulgorath's avatar
Is it sad there is a tear in my eye from this? This makes me so damn happy!
Man I'm a nerd if there ever was one, keep it up and may the Nuptup forever spare you.
Thanks. Her dark blessings are upon us.
Kikwoka's avatar
That... was... awesome.

I have no more to say :D

Nuptup is my new god ;)
Oh, so I meet another PokeNuptupian. Good to meet you. Better than being an Arceuser or a Helixist. I used to be Mewtonian though.
Well thanks! I love writing parodies for stuff. Any idea what I should write next?
Distortedsweeper's avatar
Lyrics for the song owned by a pokemon on my dream team. Meloetta!
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