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Tengu warlord

Tengu are a kind of goblin from japanese folklore.
I have always liked this monster.

If only I could be a tengu...
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Hola, por lo que vi tambien hablas español, hace algun tiempo te comente que me habia tatuado el brazo con esta imagen, y queria enviarte la imagen para que lo veas, tendria que buscar una que se vea mejor, pero es la que tengo a mano.

muchas gracias por tanto arte!…
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Estupendo :)
Espero que a la gente le guste
Gracias a ti!
Hi, i love this draw, so... i got a tattoo of this!!! its not finished yet, and i made some mods, but is aweseome
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Thank you!!!, I feel honored. If you had told me I would have sent you the linearts. Let me see your tattoo once it´s finished ;)
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Your detail and shading is absolutely gorgeous! I think you portrayed the subject of the tengu very well and even the setting is perfect! Excellent work! :)
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Thanks a lot. I´m happy you liked it that much.
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No problemo! ^^ I love the figure of the tengu in japanese mythology, and you did a wonderful job representing the essence of the tengu. :)
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simply beautiful.
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este es una pasada XD
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Huh. I like Your immaginarry. I never drawn any japanese warrior if We pass over the ninjas like Shadows of Tiger.

Tengu means a goblin, right??
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Goblin, ogre, spirit...
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Ah. I see. It reminds me the moment when Shredder in TMNT said that ninjas wanted that everyone would to think that every ninja is the progency of goblins.
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Just lovly.

Personally I love more Karasu Tengus than Yamabushi Tengus. Even though I like all tengus but...

Ah what ever. : D Awesome piece.
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I think it looks better than your usual colouring but needs improving :eager:! I think the face could use some more shading to give it more volume =D

Good job! I like the overall result C:
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