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Pterodaustro guinazui



A Ctenochasmatid pterosaur with a 2.5 meter (8.20 foot) wingspan. It was a filter feeder that has often been compared to flamingos.  Robert Bakker suggested that Pterodaustro might have had a pink hue similar to flamingos due in part to the shrimp it might have eaten, however recent studies show that only neoaves can sequester carotenoids for use as a pigment in the feathers rather than just the skin or beak, and even then they require to enhance it with structural colors, so a pink hue for any pterosaur seems extremely unlikely. It's feet are rather large (which can't be seen here) and they may have possibly been covered in webbing. Many Pterodaustro individuals have been found from embryo to adult. It has been found in the San Luis Province of Patagonia, Argentina.

The color I based off of Mark P. Witton's depiction of the animal, and I'm pretty satisfied with how it came out. ;)
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I'm guessing the pink areas are where the integument structure can actually reflect pink?