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Pectenocephalus ornatus

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Name:  Pectenocephalus ornatus

Diet:  Insectivore; primarily termites.  Supplements it's diet with occasional small vertebrates and plant matter

Length:  1.8 m (6 ft)

Habitat:  Mainly "Savannah", but often frequents open forest. 

Time:  Bathonian to Bajocian Epochs, Middle Jurassic

Location:  Eastern Laurasia

Family:  Protorosauridae

A species closely related to the genus Protorosaurus of the Permian.  The family managed to survive for quite a while, up until the Late Jurassic.  They remained relatively unchanged in their appearance and habits.  This animal is actually one of the more specialized species. Called the "aardvark of the Jurassic", it took insectivory to a an extreme, complete with a longer snout, smaller, peg-like teeth, a long sticky tongue, and large claws for tearing open the nests of colonial insects like termites.  Once in a while, they will take small vertebrates and plant material.

P. ornatus is one of two species in it's genus, and it happens to be the more distinctive one.  Sexual dimorphism is very prevalent in this species.  Males (one of which is pictured here) are larger, with longer cranial quills and more intensity in their color.  Females are patterned similarly, but are duller in color, and have shorter quills.  Males have enlarged pores on the underside of the base of their tails that secrete pheromones to mark their territory and attract females.  Males compete with other males for breeding rights, sizing each other up, standing more erect and puffing out their dewlaps while opening their mouth and hissing.  Physical fighting occasionally ensues, yet are usually brief and rarely fatal.  Females lay between 8-12 eggs, which are usually laid in termite nests or in abandoned burrows of dicynodonts. 

While younger animals are at higher risk of predation, full grown adults can usually ward off most predators with their aggressive disposition, using threat displays similar to their intraspecific competition.  If the predator is not warded off with the hissing and sizing up, P. ornatus can deliver a painful swipe with their large claws.  Adults are preyed on occasionally by large, carnivorous cynodonts and proterosuchians. 

For the Theriozoic project! 
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awesome :D
but i can't tell if this is a real thing from the Jurassic or a made up creature
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Where can I find more Theriozoic project stuff?
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The Theriozoic has actually been discontinued for a while. Hasn’t been a lot of art attributed to it.
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I hope it comes back.
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I love the colors!!!
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This is pretty cool, love the design and colors! :wow:
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Thank you very much man!  :D
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That is some seriously good coloring there! :D
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I love it, I feel like I've seen something similar, but I don't know where from...
I also like the colouring alot.
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Thank you very much!  :)
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Oh yeah very well done and great idea! :D
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An alternative timeline without a P-Tr extinction event, huh? I'm looking forward to seeing more of this! I used to work on a similar project, you can borrow some of my ideas if you want:…
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Thanks!  I'm glad you like it! 

I remember those concepts, they were great!  However, I'd like to start anew with this project, but thanks for the offer!  :)
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I'm looking forward to seeing your concepts, then! :)
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I like your take on post-Permian protorosaurs! :)
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Thanks!  There is much more variety to be held in the protorosauria.  I'll be showing some of that variety soon.    :D
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Nicely done; the text is intereting, too.
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Thank you!  I'm going to be putting a lot of effort into this project!  :)
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