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Mordheim City of the damned
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Dark Souls: Brubello by King-Bubel Dark Souls: Brubello :iconking-bubel:King-Bubel 0 0 Terrowin the All-Seeing by King-Bubel Terrowin the All-Seeing :iconking-bubel:King-Bubel 1 0 The Pit Dragon by King-Bubel The Pit Dragon :iconking-bubel:King-Bubel 4 0 The Confessor by King-Bubel The Confessor :iconking-bubel:King-Bubel 4 0 Lonely Chorus  by King-Bubel Lonely Chorus :iconking-bubel:King-Bubel 1 0 Nightmare King Grimm by King-Bubel Nightmare King Grimm :iconking-bubel:King-Bubel 4 0 Kraynox, Deep Thane by King-Bubel Kraynox, Deep Thane :iconking-bubel:King-Bubel 8 1 Thrissik, Writhing Thane by King-Bubel Thrissik, Writhing Thane :iconking-bubel:King-Bubel 8 0 Roxith, Thane of Rot by King-Bubel Roxith, Thane of Rot :iconking-bubel:King-Bubel 4 3 Kraynox, The Deep Thane by King-Bubel Kraynox, The Deep Thane :iconking-bubel:King-Bubel 5 0 Unctus, The Freed by King-Bubel Unctus, The Freed :iconking-bubel:King-Bubel 5 0 Benzir, Archdruid by King-Bubel Benzir, Archdruid :iconking-bubel:King-Bubel 4 0 Harox-Val, Furnace boss by King-Bubel Harox-Val, Furnace boss :iconking-bubel:King-Bubel 7 0 Benzir, Archdruid of the Temple of Might by King-Bubel Benzir, Archdruid of the Temple of Might :iconking-bubel:King-Bubel 4 0 Yawgmoth, the Ineffable by King-Bubel Yawgmoth, the Ineffable :iconking-bubel:King-Bubel 7 0 Izathel, High Chancellor  by King-Bubel Izathel, High Chancellor :iconking-bubel:King-Bubel 5 0


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Dark Souls: Brubello
My first Dark Souls character, Brubello was a powerful sorcerer who used dark magic and made a pact with Kaathe, but chose to link the fire. Although he was feared for his hideous deformed features, he was reportedly kind and friendly. Brubello never retained a covenant for long, and refused to accept help, preferring to rely on his boundless intellect.

When I made Brubello, I wanted to make him super silly looking, so he has a huge smile, blueish skin, gross eyes, a green bowl cut, a big nose and chin. I then tried making a super serious drawing of him for fun. He wears a mix of Paladin and elite knight armor, but I included the elite knight scarf because it makes him more interesting.i can’t believe this is my first DS fan art, but I struggled to improve in any designs in the game, so this seemed fun.
Terrowin the All-Seeing
Terrowin was a Tzeentch worshipper who led a cult in Mordheim. In life, he was arrogant enough to title himself “all-seeing”. Upon outliving his usefulness, Tzeentch possessed him with numerous screamers and gave him the ironic curse of eyes coating his body is a mockery of his pretentious title.
I like this guy.
Lol I was reading Berserk and I realised that The Preacher and his warband are basically Mozgus and his team (Religious leader who is super devoted and twisted while his followers are deformed things who follow him either out of devotion to god or devotion to the only man who showed them kindness.) Holy shit though, it's uncanny!
Now it's gonna be impossible to not base their designs on them...
The Pit Dragon
The pit dragon was used in the depraved fighting arenas of Mordheim just before its fall. The warpstone embedded in its skin by the meteor has mutated it and allowed it to escape its former prison, but it is so deformed and injured that it cannot get far from the City of the Damned. Although it is undeniably an agent of the chaos gods, it attacks any warband it sees, regardless of their allegiance. Its fire glands were removed to prevent it from escaping, but now its tail has the ability to breathe warpfire, while its true head can spew noxious, corrosive fumes.
The Confessor
Tried a new look. More consistent with the look of the cult, new mask (with fang-like ornamentation to better match the dark soul description), and an axe in place of a club.
SCORE: 43%: You are the LITTLE BIRD. The little bird is kinda silly and really FUN! You are so silly! People love that! You love spending time with friends, and having a laugh. You love movies! You love music, all music, except country and rap.…

I do love "live forever as you are now with Alan Resnick," so I decided to become an avatar myself. My avatar very much enjoys being silly. I do not know why.


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Jared Murphy
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Just a 16-year old nerd who draws constantly for fun. Cannot do digital (yet), is open to criticism, and has very sketchy lines on his art. Expect nothing amazing.


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illustrator944 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Great Drawings
Hasslord Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanksfor the fav! :-D
Firecat15 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2018
I want more Kingdom of Frost stuff.
King-Bubel Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am aware.
Although I think a fair amount about Frost Lord in particular (I like him as a character, and I think he has lots of potential), It's hard to draw him or the rest of the cast. I've got a lot going on at school and trying to get a summer job, so it's hard to sit down and crank out writing. Part of the problem (for me) is that almost everything in it either involves realistic, normal-looking (not scary) humans or extravagant magic spells and effects (which I lack the supplies and skill for), so there's very little I can do for it atm. Like I said, it's always in the back of my mind, but I'm in no rush to do more physical stuff for it.
I know it's not the answer you wanted, but I'm having a rough time right now (the job I was applying to rejected me without warning right before training for it started, and I'm swamped with work) and I can't think of much new material for it.
Firecat15 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2018
Oh, I see. Well, if you can't draw characters, could you at least describe their stories in more detail?
Firecat15 Featured By Owner May 31, 2018
What's up?
ClassyBoogeyman Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome works! I really like your style! You have my watch 😁
Firecat15 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018
What would you like for your birthday?
King-Bubel Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm asking my family for magic the gathering cards, Warhammer paints, more sketchbooks, and a few Lego sets.
On Deviantart, some points or a cake badge would be nice.
Firecat15 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2018
Well, I know you'd like to see more of your characters drawn out. Wouldn't you?
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