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Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS



I'm editing the comments page for this deviation in the hope that people will one day stop posting "fake" and "this isn't real, I saw it on IGN and they said it wasn't real!" and other such inane, pointless prattle.

This was made as an April Fool's joke in 2005, and a few days after posting it I myself mentioned that it wasn't real. People persisted in posting their opinions on the credibility of my picture, and I would reply, instructing them to read the comments that repeatedly explained that it was just a joke.

To this day, I'm still getting moronic comments about it. I have considered removing the picture from my gallery more than once, but heck - I'm proud of my work, and proud that it still fools people despite my open claim that it was constructed in Lightwave and Photoshop.
If you like what I did, I love hearing about it. Feel free to post comments or suggestions. If, however, you just feel like wasting your time and effort and brainlessly firing off complaints, please read the comments before "alerting the public" that THIS ISN'T A REAL ARTICLE. The screenshots were edited, the artwork was made by me, the entire page was a work of infamous fabrication. From now on I'm instantly flagging all "fake" comments as spam. You have been warned.
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this isn't real, I saw it on IGN and they said it wasn't real!