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I just don't use this website anymore.

Instead follow me on:

Tumblr for webcomic updates and art

Twitter for art and life

Instagram for mostly just random stories

Youtube for art videos


My webcomics:

Thank you for following me here this long uwu I'll see you elsewhere!
<3 Anni
There are two new pages!
Here's a link to the page 467.

Transfusions home
My last journal post is from last April.... And you might've noticed I'm not that active here on DA anymore THOUGH I thought I'd try to change that and try to activate myself here a little bit again, after all I have shitton of followers here, and more are coming in (hello to you! hi!). So starting that by posting some older art here, that I've posted earlier on my tumblr. I still post other things, sketches and such on tumblr, so if you want more than what's here just head to

Umm... Happy New Year!? How have you been? I've now lived in Tampere for 11 months. It's been pretty nice. Still unemployed tho'. Still drawing Transfusions. It had it's 5th anniversary last July! Phew. My baby's so old already! If you haven't read it yet, here's a helpful link! I used to link the updates here and noticed last time I left you hanging right at the "good part". If you've been waiting for the updates since then, here's the next page (394) so you can just continue from there. Transfusions also has a Facebook group, so join us there if you haven't already. It's a closed group to keep your fan-ing safe from possible unwanted FB friend eyes, but everyone's welcome!

What else, what else..... I have a Patreon profile, you can support me by becoming my patron and for that you get extra stuff every month!
I also have a Redbubble shop, where you can buy things with my art on them, like stickers, phone cases, pillows, bags and journals!
You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Periscope (haven't used that much yet but maybe in the future).

For Finnish speaking peeps I have my comic blog: Taisteluplaneetta Trikkis and also a blog about exploring Finnish webcomics: Ruudut Ruudulla!

That's it for now. Transfusions is updating again tomorrow evening, if I don't remember to link it here feel free to come kick my butt about it! Laters!
Have I really not updated this in 5 months?? What happened?

Anyway, last time I linked Transfusions pages 362-363 here, so here's page 364, and the lates pages 393-394. Next update might arrive sooner than you think, so look out for that ;) I made a deal in the Transfusions facebook group that I'll update early if people write some fanfics, so that's happening now. You can find links to the beautiful fanfics here. And if you'd like, please write some more. They make me and other readers really happy.

There's a couple of new illustrations on my Redbubble store, you can get prints, mugs, stickers, phone cases etc there!

I'll be going to Popcult Helsinki next week. I have an artist alley table there with oranges-lemons. I'll have some prints and postcards, a new old comic zine Kaamos and an older Ghost cat as well, and also a couple of special Transfusions goods you can't get anywhere else ;3c The tickets are almost sold out, so hurry up if you're planning to come there. And if you're coming, stop by at our table to say hi! :)

What else.... Well I moved to Tampere in February! I have my own apartment again! I still don't have a job though, but I've been thinking of making one of those Patreon thingies.... We'll see. I've been surprisingly busy lately, I love living in a city again, and so close to everything.

That's about it for now. Follow me on Tumblr for more frequent updates and arts!
Waaahhh long time no see! @ w @ How're you doing? Waiting from Christmas?

Last time I linked pages 344-345 here so here's a link to the following page, 346.
Latest update is 362-363
Transfusions home
Next update is happening tomorrow evening already!


You can now buy all sorts of Transfusions goodies from my Redbubble store! Be sure to check it out! :3…

 photo tfkauppa_zpsc0b22ff9.png

That's all for now. Thanks for all the support always! Thanks for watching, hello to new watchers, hi! Have a great rest of the weekend! :heart:
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To the page 344

Transfusions home
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Oh man I always forget to update here..... ;9_9 I'm so sorry!

Last time I linked page 329 here.
The next update would then be 331 & 332.
The lates update is pages 342 & 343.

Transfusions home
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:rose: Hello everyone, thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes!! :heart::heart::heart:

I've been lazy with the TF updates here. I'm sorry. Last time I linked page 320 here.
The next update would then be page 322.
The lates update is pages 329 and 330.

Transfusions home
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Hello everyone! It's been a while.
I've gotten lots of new watchers, thank you! :)

First of all, I graduated from the university couple of weeks ago! I'm now a Master of Arts! Yay! I still live in Lapland, at my parents', but I'm planning to move to Tampere as soon as I find an apartment and a job there. I just love Tampere a lot, it's such a pretty and nice city.

I applied for Tracon's artist alley table today. I hope I get a table 'cos it's pretty much the only convention I'm going this year. Tracon is awesome because it's huge and the artist alley is nice and it's in Tampere too. I hope I'll get the apartment before that. P:

ummmm what else.........
- Check out my tumblr if you haven't already. I'm more active there.
- I also try to update my Finnish comic blog more often....
- Join the Transfusions Facebook group!
- Also here's my twitter account even though I still don't know how to use it and most of my tweets are in Finnish... OTL
To the page 320!

Transfusions home
Hello folks! Sorry I've been a lazy ass.
Anyway, after consulting, I've decided that I'll no longer upload Transfusions pages here, I'll just give you a link to the update on SmackJeeves here on this journal.

It's been a while again since I posted here about an update, so here's a link to the Transfusions archive, from where you can look up the page you last read.
And here is a link to the page 296, which I updated last.

If you want to be one of the first to read new TF pages, be sure to follow my Tumblr or the Transfusions Facebook group, where I inform about the new pages right away, as well as about the TF livestreams.
Thank you and have a nice week!
Hello everyone, long time no see.
I've been a bit absent here, I'm sorry.

And I've been thinking whether to continue posting the Transfusions pages here or only to SmackJeeves. I kinda don't want to post them here anymore, but if many people want to read them here then I guess I should continue.

I could post a journal entry with a link every time I post an update to SJ. You could comment to the journal entry if you don't wanna comment on SJ (which doesn't require an account to comment, btw). What do you think?

The last page I updated here is 253, so here's a link to the 254. page on SmackJeeves if you haven't gone there already. There's lots of new pages, I just had a Donation Drive and uploaded 19 pages last week.

Check out my Tumblr for more Transfusions (and other) stuff and join the Transfusions Facebook group!
Hello there! Just dropped here to inform that I'll be in Fanfest next weekend! Fanfest is held in Paasitorni, Helsinki, 5.-6.10. I'll be there in the artist alley, sharing table with oranges-lemons on both days.


We also have a panel discussion about webcomics with :iconalimare:, :iconhanna-pirita:, :iconleppu:, :iconoranges-lemons: and :iconsardiini: on Saturday called Ruudun Takaa. It start's at 16:30 in 302-303. Come and check it out!

I'll be selling mostly prints, but I also have some unique stickers, comics and buttons.
Look at these brand new awesome prints!
(I'll sell leftovers afterwards to internet people)

See you there!
Hello everyone! How's it going?
Thank you to all the new watchers for, well, devwatching :) and to old followers, thanks for hanging around still.

And then to the topic:
I'll be attending two cons this fall, Tracon and Fanfest. In Tracon I'll be sharing AA table with :iconmyrntai: and :iconoranges-lemons:
Here's a map of the Artist Alley:
 photo tracon_zps0d36e83b.gif

We also got an AA table from Fanfest, I'll be sharing it with oranges-lemons as well. We'll get more info about our table later.
Also, we'll have a webcomic panel in Fanfest with oranges-lemons, LEPPU Sardiini, Hanna-Pirita and Alimare, so look forward to that :)

See you soon!
Hello everyone~ Sorry I haven't been so active here lately (feels like every other deviant starts their journal entries like this these days haha...) I've been a bit lazy and neglecting towards everything as my life has been quite hectic...

I was on a trip for two weeks (Tampere-Helsinki-Turku) and came back on Sunday, and I've been shivering (it's like 10°C colder here than in Turku, what is summer?) and gathering energy and oh, now I'm working on some more Transfusions pages! Some of you who follow me on Tumblr or visit Smackjeeves might have noticed I have a donation drive going on! That means for every 25€ I draw an extra page which will be updated on the 28th of this month. I have 8 pages donated already, which means the update will have 10 pages as of now, but there's still time to donate more! Go here for more information.

hmmm what else, what else......
I got a table from the artist alley in Tracon so I'll see you all there in September.
Hopefully I'll get an AA table from Fanfest as well, we'll also possibly have a webcomic panel there with some friends. ;3

check out my tumblr for more..... stuff in general.
Also for all the Transfusions fans, there's a Transfusions facebook group! Feel free to join and interact with me and other fans.
Heyyyy I will be at Tampere Kuplii this weekend! I'll be in Pienlehtimarssi with Myrntai and I'll be selling this comic:


There's not a single word in it (except the information in the back). 32 full color pages, with an interesting story. I'm still not sure about the price, but it'll be about 10-12€. I'll also sell some older Transfusions stuff, prints and buttons and such.

Come say hello!

* * * * * * * *

I have updated the donation page of I accept all kinds of donations, be it 0,50€ or 20€. If you donate 4€ or more you get this *new* cute wallpaper with cat ears and all!

 photo tfneko500_zps36a17ad0.png
The resolution is 1680x1050.
I will be renaming the Transfusions pages in the near future! I don't know if it's still the case but I've understood that editing old deviations will make them appear in your messages/watch... centre... thing. (correct me if I'm wrong.) There's around 100+ pages that need renaming since I finally got around to dividing the Chapter 1 to several chapters.
I'm not completely sure when this renaming will happen, and how, as I'm a mixture of busy and lazy at the moment. I might do it in one go or in batches.

(EDIT: Alright it seems I can edit deviations without notifying my watchers so.... yeah. good.)

I've renamed all the pages on SmackJeeves already, and currently we're on Chapter 4. So I'll be uploading new pages as "chapter 4 page xx" now......

Also I made a thing

You can find this in my Tumblr too, with the original gif.

Aaand finally I've made a NSFW tumblr as well: NN SMUT As the name implies, it contains dicks, uncensored. Just so you know.
In case you aren't following my art/personal tumblr :star: NN SCRIBBLE :star: yet, go follow it now!


You don't even need a tumblr account to follow it you know, and you can comment the posts with Disqus.

I post more drawings and things there than I do here, there's also a tag for NSFW drawings which I can't/won't post here, so if you're into that then check those out, I also take NSFW TF suggestions in my ask box 24/7. I've also suddenly become a Magi/Sharrkan fangirl so there's more fanart of him there and I think there will be more in the future as well.

Aaand there's also good music and random things of my life.

Sooo yeah, check it out and follow. I post only more polished things here in dA so you're missing out on a lot of sketchy goodness.


And also, hello to new watchers here! Thanks for watching!
And thank you all for your comments and favs always! :heart:
I'm so excited! I found out the Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (New Music Competition) 2013 finalist can be found on Spotify! I've been listening to the playlist all afternoon.

You can find the Spotify playlist by searching UMK (Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2013)
check out the live jury performances playlist on Youtube. They're not mixed though unlike the songs on Spotify so....
The live performances start tomorrow, I hope all the competitors will give their best then.

The winner of UMK will represent Finland in Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö this May.

The songs are so good this year!! I'd send almost any of them to ESC. I have hard time picking a favorite.
Mikael Saari is really good. I mean really really really good. And if he'd keep his hair like in the jury performance I'm totally sold haha.
Arion is awesome as well. I'm sure Europe would go crazy for Justin Bieber of heavy metal. They're all 17-18 years old and they perform so well.
Great Wide North has a good song as well and the brothers are cute :D
Rautakoura's song is good too but I hope they do something about their performance.
Iina's song is groovy, and in her band there's a guy I know from high school haha so it'd be great if they win too.
Krista Siegfrids and Ilari Hämäläinen are really good performance-wise, the songs are not bad either.
Elina Orkoneva and Last Panda have brilliant songs as well.

I'm a bit worried people will vote for Diandra only because it's Diandra. I think her song is boring which is a real pity. Diandra is a really good singer.

Do you have any favorites among the finalists?
Heyyy Merry Christmas to you all and Happy Holidays!
Enjoy and don't stress!