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Trapped in Bubbles

By kindheart525
After Sunset Shimmer made friends with Trixie and Starlight Glimmer, the three heard a snap of fingers in the distance and suddenly found themselves trapped in bubbles.  Of course, this is absolutely enraging to them.  Who could have done this?
It's probably Discord.

Requested by :iconbling789:
Sunset Shimmer's cutie mark by :iconchainchomp2:
Starlight Glimmer's cutie mark by :iconwize-kevn:
Background by :iconmusicfirewind:

A sequel of sorts to (Former) Bad Girls

Starlight Glimmer, Sunset Shimmer, and Trixie belong to :iconhasbroplz:
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Fizzy of G1 fame.
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Discord... I doubt it.

It's Tirek.
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justice must be served!
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Discord as always putting inmid of the way xD
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It was amazing you, thank you very much.
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You're welcome! :)
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draw well with bubbles.
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May I request something :?
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How about this... Discord teasing Soarin and Rainbow Dash with disappearing and reappearing ciders and pies! :giggle:

And Fluttershy could get all mad at him for teasing her friends in the background and be like, "DISCORD!" XD (I'm so weird). ;P
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This sounds like a fun one! :D Of course I'll do it! :)
I will be pretty busy this week but I'll try to get it out by the weekend.  I draw quickly so I'm sure it won't take long. :)
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Call 1-800-7355-8839-4519-2488 or Twilight Sparkle to free them now! XD
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