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Not long ago, little Slumber Party’s life was turned upside down. One day she had a mommy and daddy and now she didn’t, now she was at a place with lots of other foals who also had no mommies or daddies. It was a lot to get used to in such a short time, she wasn’t even quite sure how she got here or how long she’d stay.

But it wasn’t all bad. There were lots of ponies to make friends with here. Like Witch Hazel! She was a lot older than Slumber, who had just turned six years old. Hazel was 13! A teenager! She was super nice and smart and Slumber loved spending time with her. And she made it no secret.

“You’re my best friend in the whole wide world! You know that Hazel?”

The two fillies lounged side-by-side on their beds one morning, enjoying each other’s company like they always did before a busy day.

“I do! You told me just last night!”

Hazel giggled girlishly like they were gossiping at a sleepover, rolling over to face her little friend.

“I’ve been here since I was younger than you but you’re the best friend I’ve ever made too! I’ll tell you a secret—“

She lowered her voice a bit.

“I really hope we get adopted together.”

“That would be AMAZING!”

Slumber sprang up gleefully, gasping as she quickly realized something.

“That means we would be SISTERS!”

“You’re right! I hope we find parents who will take both of us! Or at least I hope we can keep hanging out even if we’re not adopted together. We could be cousins or neighbors or something!”

Slumber nodded in partial agreement.

“I guess! But I like sisters better!”

“You’re right! We can hope!”

Hazel sighed wistfully, growing pensive.

“You know Slumber, I don’t remember my parents very well. I don’t know what it’ll be like when I’m adopted. I hope they’re good.”

“They will be! Mommies and daddies read you stories and sing to you and take you out for ice cream! It’s really fun! My mommy and daddy were really nice!”

As Slumber went on about her parents, Hazel felt a twinge of guilt.

“Oh…it wasn’t that long ago, was it? I’m sorry if it makes you sad to think about them.”

“Not too much! But I don’t think anypony who adopts me will be like them. They were super special. Oh!”

The filly’s eyes lit up with an idea as she started digging through her and Hazel’s shared nightstand. She pulled out two orange hair ribbons.

“My mommy and daddy gave these to me! I’ve had them since I was a baby and it’s how I remember them!”

She placed them into Hazel’s hooves, the older filly holding them gently like they were delicate baby animals.

“Ooh, they’re so pretty! It must be so nice to have something to remember your parents by.”

“It is! But they would look really pretty on you! Wanna wear them today?”

Hazel hesitated a bit at this offer.

“But they’re your ribbons, Slumber. You don’t like anypony touching them, not even the nannies.”

“Yeah. But I trust you! You can give them back tonight!”

Slumber insisted.

She was so earnest that the older filly conceded, tying the ribbons into her own mane and tail.

“Alright! I’ll protect them with my life, I promise.”


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It’s a shame they didn’t get adopted together, but at least they get to reconnect years later.

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They never officially became sisters but they’re still just as close all those years later! It’s bittersweet!

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Awww their relationship is so sweet! It's clear how much Slumber adores Hazel, even though they weren't adopted together I love how close they are! The soft childlike innocence in Slumber right now is both saddening and interesting to see, I'm glad she isn't completely traumatized by her parents' deaths though! Slumber really is just such a sweetheart, something she keeps as a part of her personality into adulthood I see!