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Kick in the Head

No matter what she did, she couldn’t escape it. The guilt. The curse. Herself. Summer Beauty was a terrible pony and everypony knew it. Going on so many dates meant word was going around about the kind of mare she was.

Well, nopony had said anything to her. Most strangers hardly batted an eye at her presence. But still she had that feeling. She couldn’t go anywhere without feeling like all eyes were on her, the most disgusting mare alive.

She was in Canterlot for weather duty and here it was even worse. Her boss must have really wanted to torture her, sending her on this trip. Canterlot was such a judgmental environment already and she felt even more judged here, even though hardly anypony knew her. If they didn’t know who she was now, it was only a matter of time until they found out.

Summer slunk through the streets, her head down and her scarf covering the ghastly marks in her chest. She kept her eyes glued to the ground like nopony would see her if she didn’t look at them. She didn’t bother to watch where she was going even when it meant she was walking right into somepony.

“Excuse me! My apologies!”

The other pony was first to apologize even though Summer was the one at fault. Summer lifted her gaze to offer her own halfhearted apology.

When she did, however, she immediately recognized the pony she bumped into.



She couldn’t believe how great Iolite looked. Here Summer was suffering and wasting away while Iolite seemed to be doing just fine. She looked more alive than before even. It wasn’t fair.

Iolite’s eyes weren’t visible behind her sunglasses but her whole demeanor grew duller when she beheld Summer’s pitiful frame. She stepped back uncomfortably, looking around as if she was searching for way out.

“Well. Hello there.”

This was the mare who cast that horrible curse on her. She created the scars that were ruining Summer’s life. And she was the only one who could undo it all.

“Iolite, I…”

She looked up at the mare, suddenly feeling even smaller than ever.

“I know you probably hate me, but I’m sorry. I really am. You were the perfect mare for me and I fucked it all up. I know I don’t deserve it but all I want is to make it up to you, to have another chance—“

“Hey babe!”

An unfamiliar voice suddenly rang out. Iolite turned her ears towards the voice and almost sighed in relief as a buff yellow pegasus approached her.

“I got all the hair stuff you wanted!”

She spread out her wings which were weighed down by shopping bags.

“You did get the crimping iron, right dear? Not the curling iron?”

Iolite teased her playfully.

“Yes! I actually read the labels this time! If I’m wrong I’ll let you beat me at uh…chess or something!”

“I don’t think you would be ‘letting’ me, dear.”

She leaned in towards the mystery mare and planted a kiss on her cheek.

Iolite had a new girlfriend!

Summer was crushed. She really thought she had a chance. Maybe a snowball’s chance in hell, but still some glimmer of hope. But that snowball had melted along with all her hopes of making things right again. Going back to how things used to be. When she was happy…in her memory at least.

She was in agony but the happy couple took a few moments to notice her, they were so lost in their own world. Finally they stopped flirting long enough for the new girlfriend to look her over.

“Who’s this?”

“Oh! Well…”

Iolite hesitated like she was ashamed of having Summer around. Which she was.

“Trailblazer, this is Summer Beauty. My…ex girlfriend.”

“The one you told me about?”

Iolite nodded silently.


Trailblazer’s eyes narrowed with what could only be described as pure hatred.

Iolite fucking told her! She spilled all her business to her new girlfriend and made her out to be the bad guy! Maybe Summer fucked up a little but she wasn’t the one giving ponies curses.

Summer sank to her knees in desperation.

“Iolite you gotta help me! That curse you gave me, it’s getting worse! No matter what I try I just keep getting more scars!”

She pulled up her scarf to show Iolite the ghastly sight.

Iolite softly gasped, her face twisted with guilt. But then her girlfriend wrapped a foreleg around her, holding her close and whispering something in her ear. So she looked back at Summer with an expression now painted with vague pity. Almost apathetic, even. All the while the new girlfriend glared at Summer, her ears pinned back with rage. She snorted hot air in her direction as a warning.

“What do you want me to do about it, Summer?”

Iolite asked her bluntly.

“Anything! Make it go away! I promise I’ll leave you alone forever if you help me!”

She was making a tall bargain that she almost regretted, but she was so desperate she was willing to give Iolite up at this point. If it meant getting rid of the curse, she would do it.

Iolite glanced between Summer and her girlfriend, mulling over the situation for a moment. Then she made up her mind.

“No Summer. I do not have the power. Once a curse is cast, it is there forever. I could not undo it if I tried. Even if I wanted to.”

If she wanted to.

“The best you can do is stop making the mistakes that exacerbate it. Try not to break anypony else’s heart like you broke mine…”

She pressed her lips together like she was remembering something horrible. Then she shook her head.

“But never mind that. If you will excuse me, I must finish my shopping trip with my beloved Trailblazer.”

“But Iolite, I—“

“I will hear no more of it. Please, find somepony else to help you. Mother knows you need it.”

With that, Iolite trotted off with her girlfriend into a happy future, leaving Summer alone to pick up the pieces of the mess she made for herself.


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Skyblue8991's avatar

I like how shiny their manes are

SkaiDaHogwartsGal's avatar

Dear god Summer is so pathetic. She's not even owning up to the fact that she got herself into this mess and keeps fucking up over and over. Summer just doesn't get it and Iolite is very in the right to go "Lol bye please get yourself help". She doesn't even acknowledge Trailblazer's name- Summer just sees her as a replacement! These little bits of detail are what make your writing so great to read!

I'm also glad Trailblazer and Iolite are comfortable enough with each other to share past heartbreak experiences! It shows just how healthy and happy they are together!

Ninjastardust's avatar

I find both to blame.

Vixenmon's avatar

I agree with you Ninja, Summer, Iolite, and Aurora share some accountability.

kindheart525's avatar

Aurora too? Thats a really interesting take, how so in your opinion?

kindheart525's avatar

How? What Iolite did was very much an accident but Summer cheated on purpose so I really don’t think their actions can be compared

Ninjastardust's avatar

True, I will say that Summer shouldn’t have cheated and what happened was an accident however Lolit's attitude in this picture wasn’t very “nice”, when you lash out when you're hurt the cycle of hate will continube.

kindheart525's avatar

Iolite didn’t lash out though, she was very calm and polite as she possibly could be in this situation. She’s moved on and Summer is trying to force herself back into her life, she’s absolutely going to be uncomfortable. Before Trailblazer showed up Summer was straight up asking to be her girlfriend again. There’s nothing Iolite CAN do anyway so she deserved to set boundaries; if she were “nice” Summer wouldn’t leave her alone

Ninjastardust's avatar

True, I do hope Summer will find somepony who she will stay with.

This also shows why you never cheat/lose your temper or you'll do something you'll regret.

kindheart525's avatar

Yes exactly! Plus Summer is also refusing to truly take responsibility for what she did, so until she does it will take her awhile to find someone, if she ever does

Ninjastardust's avatar

My theory is that she is scare, because no pony will bother to listen or care enough.

kindheart525's avatar

Yes but it’s because she won’t listen to or care about others, she brought it on herself. She can’t really expect respect from others if she won’t give respect

Skyblue8991's avatar

“Maybe Summer fucked up a little but she wasn’t the one giving ponies curses.” And Iolite wasn‘t the one cheating and breaking hearts. Summer, you did bring it upon yourself when you hurt Iolite enough to make her go angry and accidentally put the curse on you.

kindheart525's avatar

Yes exactly! I’m so happy you noticed the significance of that line

Skyblue8991's avatar
KannaYui's avatar

Trail and Iolite are so cute! I need more of them!

kindheart525's avatar

You’re in luck because there’s more of them in store! ;)

curmudgeoncorgi's avatar

I love Trailblazer so much. She's such a loving and supportive girlfriend, and it's what Iolite needs. I love her posture and the look she's giving Summer here. Also echoing the comments below, I love that Iolite is telling Summer what she needs to hear and not just magicing the problem away. Not that she has the ability to just magic it away in the first place, but still. I appreciate Iolite.

Hopefully Summer takes that advice, but knowing Summer? I doubt that she will.

AritheStardragon's avatar

The posing's spot on- Blaze snorting in anger and holding the shopping bags with her wings, Iolite looking from behind her sunglasses, Summer begging.

We stan Trail here- getting angry and supportive for Iolite! Iolite trusted Blaze enough to tell her about her heartbreak!

Iolite gave Summer good advice to fix herself because the curse can't be removed. Too bad Summer's possibly incapable of taking heed.

"Please, find somepony else to help you. Mother knows you need it.”

What a roast Iolite got in!

kindheart525's avatar

God she's so memeable 😂

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