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Nopony would think it from first impressions, but Iolite was a pretty big fan of sports. They were nothing she would participate in herself, but even a dignified mare like her enjoyed observing the intense release of physical energy that was a hallmark of all things athletic. Secretly, she especially enjoyed boxing. As utterly brutish as it was, it was somehow thrilling to watch.

The muscular bodies of the mares in the ring were especially alluring.~

Newly single and looking to unwind, Iolite had gotten herself a front-row seat to a match headlined by the Equestria-famous boxer, Bustin’ Blazer. It was a hoof-biting game filled with blood and bruises, but Bustin’ Blazer came out on top and as a treat she took some of her biggest fans out to the local bar.

Iolite just couldn’t pass this up!

The boxer had lots of fans but the two of them hit it off right away, talking through the night long after the rest of the fans had gone home. There was something special about this mare, she was actually really nice once one got to spend time with her. Which Iolite did. It wasn’t long until they were on a first-name basis. The boxer’s real name was Trailblazer!

Both mares a little tipsy, Iolite fussed over the bruises the boxer had gained from that night’s match.

“My goodness! You’re horribly beaten up! How did you think you were in any shape to go anywhere but the hospital tonight?”

“That’s what my publicist said. But it’s really not that bad! Look, I can still see!”

Trailblazer opened her bruised eye to demonstrate, even though it was visibly painful to do so.

“Still seeing stars from that hit you got, perhaps! We need to get you some ice, Trailblazer!”

“That’s what you think!”

She snorted, hard enough that a spurt of blood sprayed from her nostrils even long after the initial bleeding had stopped. She reached up to wipe it away.

“I don’t need ice, you’re already really chill. Like…a fridge! A really sexy fridge!”

Iolite couldn’t help but laugh out loud at this terrible comparison, leaning against her strong, muscular foreleg to keep herself steady.

“Are you trying to flirt with me?”

Trailblazer froze and started to stammer.

“Yes! I mean no! I’m really bad at this, forget I said that!”

She turned her face away in shame.

Iolite simply giggled.

“Perhaps I may forget that with time but I will never forget you. How could I after that stunning performance today?”

She wrapped her forelegs around the mare and Trailblazer’s wings immediately shot up, a hot blush forming on both of their faces.

Iolite was a bit drunk, not nearly enough to lose any memories but enough that she was acting bolder than her sober self. She suddenly realized who she was talking to, a celebrity she just met. She hadn’t been single that long herself. Surely she was overstepping a boundary. So she pushed herself off of Trailblazer.

“My apologies, I didn’t mean…I’m probably making you uncomfortable, you don’t need another fan intruding in your space.”

“No, of course not, it’s no prob. Heh, I’m surprised you didn’t bolt after that dumb fridge comment!”

Trailblazer chuckled, remaining casual to Iolite’s surprise.

“I mean…if you wanna like, go on a date and stuff, I’d be down. You’re a pretty cool mare.”

“Really? Truly?”

Iolite inquired like she couldn’t believe what she was hearing?

“Yeah! I’m not like, Britneigh Spurs or anything, I’m not untouchable. Hell, I hang out with my ‘fans’ all the time even when my publicist tells me it’s a dumb idea. You guys aren’t fans. You’re just cool ponies watching me beat shit up. A bunch of pals.”

Trailblazer was so calm about this that Iolite was shocked. But she was also thrilled. She had a wonderful night with this mare, she’d love to get to know her more.

Maybe she would fall in love again.

“Perhaps next Sunday? It shall be a date!”

She once again leaned into her new date and Trailblazer nodded along, but then she stopped as something suddenly sunk in.

“Wait, I didn’t think you were ACTUALLY gonna be down! Like, fuck yeah, but damn!”

Iolite chuckled and snuggled into her feathery chest.

“But of course I’m down.”

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SkaiDaHogwartsGal's avatar


I live for their dynamic!! I love seeing Iolite being so confident also lmao, she deserves being with such a great mare like Trailblazer!

kindheart525's avatar

What can I say, Trail isn’t smooth at all 😂 There’s more of these two where that came from! Iolite sure deserves it after all she’s been through!

HayStarlight's avatar

I like this ship! I'm excited to see where it goes. tho, Trail should probably got to the doctor or at least get some ice or smth

kindheart525's avatar

Yeah she probably should 😂 She’ll be okay though!

Azbayzia's avatar

Trailblazer's down-to-earth attitude when it comes to fame is very refreshing; you don't see many celebrities who can stay humble and affable once the money and adoration start pouring in. Oh, and I also think that these two already have great chemistry together! I see good things in store for them in the future :)

kindheart525's avatar

YES, I didn’t think of it before but down to earth is the perfect way to describe Trailblazer. It’s taken her awhile to let her walls down (and she still has more learning to do, as will be shown in her arc later) but she’s not an arrogant pony at heart. She genuinely cares about others and it’s great to explore in a stereotypical jock character! I’m so excited to explore her and Iolite more!

KannaYui's avatar

God I love these two already! Gotta love the tough but awkward lesbian Trail XD

kindheart525's avatar

We love our awkward lesbians 😂 She can’t flirt for shit but Iolite loves her all the same!

curmudgeoncorgi's avatar

Trailblazer definitely feels like a way better fit for Iolite than Summer ever did. I can't wait to see how things go for these two, if there's more of them to come. :D

kindheart525's avatar

There is more to come! I’m really excited to explore their relationship more in their own arc later. There will definitely be more exploration into Trailblazerks character~

curmudgeoncorgi's avatar

That's awesome! :D I'm looking forward to seeing what's to come.

TopHatLycanthrope's avatar

*tries to not break into song*

Glad Iolite is getting the love she deserves ^^

kindheart525's avatar

Which song comes to mind for you?

After all she’s been through she sure does deserve it!

TopHatLycanthrope's avatar

Something Entirely New from Steven Universe, it’s just me being a dummy and associating the title.

Yep! Good to see she‘s moving on. Can’t say the same for Summer but. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nimbose's avatar

Oooh, I'm loving Trailblazer! Such a pleasant personality!

kindheart525's avatar

I’m so glad you and everyone else are so interested in her! Another person described her as “down to earth” and I think that’s really accurate tbh. I’m excited to explore her character more!

DoodleSketchGirl's avatar

Lolite x Trailblazer is a cute couple. Good job with this drawing, kindheart.

kindheart525's avatar

Iolite is spelled with an I at the beginning, not an L! She’s named after a gemstone :D

Thank you so much, I’m really excited to explore those two more!

DoodleSketchGirl's avatar

Whoops, sorry about that. So its Iolite, right?

DoodleSketchGirl's avatar

Well Iolite is pretty cool ^^

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