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Her last appointment with Aura was such a clusterfuck that Snowcone almost didn’t want to try therapy ever again. She knew she needed help but this wasn’t it. If somepony making her feel like shit was supposed to “fix” her then she wanted no part in it. She’d rather feel like shit on her own terms than go through that again.

But her mom practically begged her to give it another try, after she opened up to her about Veuve. A mistake. Now she was going in to get treated like a project again. Maybe therapy was working for Twilight Sparkle but that didn’t mean it would work for Snowcone. She strongly doubted it, but she’d give it a try anyway.

So she lay sprawled out on the couch in the therapist’s office, twiddling her hooves and letting her eyes wander around the room, almost as if she didn’t look at her therapist that she wouldn’t see her.

“Whenever you’re ready.”

The older mare spoke up, almost in a casual, laid-back tone. Snow could already tell she wasn’t like Aura, with that stupid grin on her beak and her talons writing down her every word. Honey Lush’s demeanor was more like Aurora’s, chill and nice enough to give her space.

But Snowcone wasn’t going to let her guard down that easily.

“What if I just don’t talk for the whole hour?”

She sassed back, watching her reaction to see if it would get a rise out of her.

But it didn’t.

“That’s your choice. But I think you’ll come out feeling like you wasted your time.”

Snow rolled her eyes. She was basically wasting her time already. This mare probably thought she already knew her anyway.

“Let me guess, my mom told you all about the stuff I said about my EX friend and you’re gonna try to convince me to make up with her like life is some sort of little foal’s cartoon.”

Honey Lush shook her head.

“No, your mom didn’t tell me anything. But if that’s something you want to unpack, go for it.”

The filly groaned once she realized what she’d just gotten herself into. Shit! She’d totally exposed herself and for once her mom didn’t do a thing! Well except send her to this dumb appointment in the first place.

“What is there to unpack? My mom is getting in my business like she always does! Making me go to therapy like I need to be fixed!”

Her therapist cocked an eyebrow.

“So you don’t think you need any help at all?”

“No, I-“

Snow stammered, taken aback by her therapist’s blunt questioning.

“I do need help! I know that! I’m just not gonna get it from some shrink! I tried before, I really did!”

“Alright then. That’s fair.”

The therapist shrugged. Gaia, she was so casual it was somehow both relieving and aggravating.

“Some methods just aren’t right for you. It’s a lot of trial and error. Do you think your mom sending you to different therapists is her way of trying to help you get the help you want?”

“I mean yeah…”

Snow admitted.

“Mom DOES love me. She IS respecting my space more by knocking on my door and not getting up my ass about grades and all that. And she is going to therapy so maybe she thinks it’ll work for me too. But just because it’s good for her doesn’t mean it’s good for me! I told her all about Veuve awhile back and she really thought a fucking friendship lesson was gonna help me!”

“Veuve is the ex friend you mentioned earlier?”

The filly grumbled.

“Yeah…ugh, I shouldn’t have brought it up.”

“Well considering you did, it seems to be really bothering you. Want to run me through it?”

Everything in Snow was internally screaming to just walk out but she stayed seated anyway, feeling like she wanted to cry as she started thinking of everything that happened.

“She USED to be my best friend. I was her ride-or-die, when ponies gave her shit I gave them shit right back. But she didn’t like that, she said she didn’t want me to help her like she was too good for that. She thinks she’s too good for everypony, that prissy little bitch. She even embarrassed me at the fucking Gala and had the audacity to ask if I was okay afterwards! Like hello!”

Tears started to well up in her eyes.

“No I’m not! Because of her!”

She gritted her teeth in rage, not wanting to let her therapist see her break down.

“Of course, this is very upsetting. Do you think she wanted to embarrass you?”

“I don’t think she cares at all! It’s all about her!”

Snow cried out indignantly.

“I see.”

Honey Lush nodded.

“Let’s go back to your mom for a bit. She has a history of pushing boundaries?”

“Yes! Mom AND Mother!”

“So if I’m getting this right, they’re trying to help you but it’s not the help you want.”

“Yeah! I want them to stop trying to fix shit for me!”

“Have you considered that maybe Veuve feels that way about you?”

Snowcone was absolutely rocked by this observation. How dare this smug old lady tell her how she felt?

“No way, it’s totally different!”

“Okay, how so?”

The filly stopped, struggling to find the words to describe how she felt.

As she did so, Honey Lush continued on, leaning over her chair like she had Snow all figured out.

“You love your mom and mother but you still need to set boundaries with them. That doesn’t mean you love them any less, right? Veuve seems to still care considering she reached out to you, she just wants a different kind of support from you sometimes. Maybe. I could be wrong.”

She sat back nonchalantly.

“Maybe your boundaries and her boundaries aren’t compatible, maybe it’s not meant to be. Or maybe you can work it out like you and your mom are trying to do, coexisting with each of your needs and wants. It could end well or it could get worse. But you never know until you talk to her. Is it worth it to throw away your ride-or-die without at least seeing what would happen?”

Snowcone was so pissed yet she had so much to think about. This damn therapist, getting in her head like this! Making her do all the work! If only there was a spell that could fix all her problems, she’d take that over this.

But maybe Honey Lush was right, at least a little bit. She really couldn’t know unless she tried. It might not go well but then she could at least tell that mare she told her so. And on the off chance it did go well…it would save her a lot more stress and heartbreak. She had to put in the work if she wanted anything to get better.

She hesitated for a bit, but finally admitted it to herself.

“No…it wouldn’t be worth it.”


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SkaiDaHogwartsGal's avatar

Dear god Honey Lush is so much better than Aura-

I'm so happy to hear that Twi is going to Therapy now though! It's a good step for her!

Honey is right, Snowcone DOES need to put in some work if she wants things to improve for her. Her family being more willing to respect her boundaries is a good start, but she too needs to put in some effort!

kindheart525's avatar

I couldn’t have said it better myself! Honey Lush is a great fit for Snowcone since she can motivate her to put in the work while also being super validating of her emotions! Plus unlike Aura she’s an actual professional 😂

marshalia147's avatar

Well, it's a good thing that Snowcone went to an ACTUAL therapist this time.

kindheart525's avatar

Unlike Aura, Honey Lush is ACTUALLY a qualified professional! 😂