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Family Guy Chicken Fight

The infamous coupon chicken vs. Peter fight scene.
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narwhalpuppy's avatar

Always loved the Chicken Fights!

ArtisticManiac16's avatar
I bet Peter’s gonna lose
Evanh123's avatar
NotAsianOtaku0211's avatar
i love when it comes out of nowhere
justnooo's avatar
lolage well funny
Aero-zeppelin654's avatar
My Favorite episode! Rockin'!
Guyverman's avatar
It would be funny to see Stan from American Dad fight the Chikcen
indotroll's avatar
the scenes with the chickguy... are just to fill the show up:p
Strike-Force's avatar
lol they're way too detailed to just be a "fill up". The first fight fitted the "Da Boom" episode well, the others were for fun. ;P
Hauntzor's avatar
I've seen that one, but not for a long time...
I love that fight.
cheetah-foot's avatar
now its a fight over who wouldpay for the check. peter ended up paying for it.
Kingdomheartsluv's avatar
omg i love that episode! and i love how in another episode before that,i think it was stewie kills lois or something,the chicken was all like "im gonna kill that guy!"to peter and this other guy was like "youll probably never see him again" lol and then they brought him back!
FinalGlory93's avatar
My God, that chicken is so fuckin' anoying! Peter fights with the fucker for like 5 minutes straight!
petar and a chicken fighting ha ha thats great
kitsunemiko16's avatar
My favorite scene..
J-is-Kool's avatar
I remember that fight. I don't get why they started fighting
Elephantking89's avatar
imagine the fight with lightsabers
OrcaLady249's avatar
I :heart: the first fight, especially the beginnig:

Peter: Oh yeah, and that nice chicken outside gave me this coupon! :buymyprints:
Lady at Desk: I'm sorry, this is expired... ^^;
Peter: (to chicken) You son of a... :pissed:
Chicken: :omg:
(They start fighting)
:matrixfight: :sumo: :ninjabattle: :spyedvsjark: :fight: :bonk:

KaiZyaku's avatar
Hahaha that one was great Love the beatings and Action :D kool pic though :nod:
FWV's avatar
I love the Y2K episode
minespatch's avatar
the epic battle between fat & poultry. :D
Alexfox's avatar
I also loved that episode! Family guy rules!
M-Crackaz's avatar
hah hah hah!!! i love that episode
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