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Nephthys Leaving her husband Set and taking their son Anubis with her.
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Because she’s cheated on him  she didn’t love him in beginning  
I feel bad for Anubis without his father 

poor set 

His father cursed him to have the head of a jackal when he found out he was tricked.

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🤨 It’s my imagination it’s not real 🙄

okay if you don’t like it don’t comment

and it for my project animation show

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So sorry if I offended you! I didn't mean to...

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owww i thought you heated my characters it’s okay and so sorry I’m not good at English well

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It's okay my mother language is also not English. When I was younger i was really into egyptian mythology and pharaoh dynasties. Now I have to take a look at it again because I started to write a fanfiction and I'm creating an ancient legend in it.

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She likely noticed he started to change and not for the better.........
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Anubis, later: SHE TOOK THE K I D
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Wonderful job, I love chiefly the goddess' protective attitude towards young Anubis. 
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Вообще супер идея, замечательная работа. Косяки и огрехи не в счёт - всё дело в стилистике и идейности. А её здесь хоть отбавляй.
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Interesting take. In my head Set hates Anubis, so seeing this difference is a bit of a surprise. :)
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I just like especially the expression of the woman and the kid, feelings in the picture is very important!
Good work
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TINY ANUBIS, so cute! Love this!
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Harsh.  Taking his kid and his dog. All at once. 
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how would Netid mother of Anubis and he has no son only daughter. Maybe you meant hapi , son of Horus ? 
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Nephthys was the sister of Osiris, Isis and Seth. Isis married Osiris, and they had a son, named Horus. It is still unknown which of the two brothers is the father of Anubis.

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The custody battle of the century.
Awesome works!!!

Просто круто!
Amazing work! You captured so much in this image. It's beautiful.
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o-o i like this so bad , 
i have not really something to say , only that nephthys so motherly protective . 
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