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E.T. Girl Cover 2 by Kinbarri E.T. Girl Cover 2 by Kinbarri

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Hi Guys! I’m creator of ​E.T. Girl, ​Justin Time, and ​​Dark Tales of Lolita Vol 1.  I have an avid love for storytelling and making art! I once read a comic that was so good, a sad part of it made me cry. My dad came in and asked me what was wrong, I asked how something as simple as some art and a few words on a paper could move me to tears, and he said that’s what makes a good storyteller. It has been my dream to be a story teller like that, and my medium of choice is comics. I’ve worked hard over the years to bring consistent content to my readers and I plan on keeping that up! I love being able to share stories like E.T. Girl and Justin Time online to read for free. Currently, I am only in the position to do this part time, as I need a day job to sustain myself financially. It’s in my blood to be a creative person, but being able to make it my main priority and have it fund me full time is where you come in! :) Please join me in my dream to bring more awesome content to you, and who knows? Maybe we will discover new things about ourselves together! ————————————————————————————–


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