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Sten At Lothering

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Published: February 2, 2010
Part of the three plush commission for the writers of BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins.

I made these plushies continuing with the theme of first impressions. So this is Sten in his farmers outfit from where you meet him caged in Lothering. Braids were awesome fun. And yes that is a cookie in his hand. It is removable so that if he disapproves too much you can punish him and take it away...

Crafting comments: I took some liberties with the color and pretended that Ferelden had bleach. I guess I'm also pretending they had chocolate chip cookies. In the screenshots, the light part of the outfit was kind of a cream color, but I switched it for a white for a stronger contrast to his skin color. The details were done in paint instead of embroidery thread.

felt, acrylic paint, metal jewelry for the belt buckle.
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Where might I buy this please? I would appreciate a link or something.
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XhydraliskHobbyist Traditional Artist
He's still not happy...
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o my god i want this so bad!!
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ErrationalHobbyist General Artist
He looks like he's about to cry...D'AAAAAAAWWWWWWW! C'mere, Stenny, I'll give you a cookie! *glomps*
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warpigggHobbyist Writer
Hey! I *love* Qunari. This has been included in my Qunari-themed Journal feature! [link] <3
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kinbariHobbyist General Artist
Thank you! I'm very flattered and glad you liked him enough to feature on your journal.
Ataash Qunari!
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warpigggHobbyist Writer
You're so welcome, he's adorable :D
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this is the cutest thing i have ever seen!!!!!
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nynuweStudent Digital Artist
OMG! DAO plushies exist? Sten plushies exist?! *heart attack*


No, seriously, is this an actual product that you did for BioWare to sell?
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kinbariHobbyist General Artist
After I made my first DA plushie, Alistair, I was contacted by Mary Kirby from Bioware, inquiring about commissions. I ended up making Sten, Oghren, and another Alistair for the writers: Sheryl Chee, Mary, and David Gaider. I was and still am very honored that they liked my fangirl crafts.
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nynuweStudent Digital Artist
Ah! So make these as commissions then. That's good to know. :3
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I seriously need that plushie. ^_^
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mobson Photographer
ooo cute, pretty sten <3
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AG-sArtProfessional General Artist
Awsome work XD Pricless face expression XD
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completely awesome! fantastic work on this piece!
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Spring-SilverfallStudent General Artist
I want one! Hes so cute. You did a great job.
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how cute i want him i love sten i love him alot and the cookie is adorable i would take the cookie away for no reason
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Aww.Sten makes an adorable disapproving plushie. :heart:
Good job.Its very well done.
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LordBloodySoulHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay! :D Sten plushie and a cookie!! :D This made my day :D

He looks so cute and adorable :iconloveitplz:
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Full-of-SinHobbyist General Artist
That hair is absolutely crazy, it looks like you took one of those fancy cake frosting doodads and just went to town on his head!

Just like everyone before me, I agree, that cookie makes this plushie all the more perfect.
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GrievousGirlHobbyist General Artist
I want 1!!!!! <3
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That is adorable ;D
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