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Shadows of a Lost Mind, Chapter 37
Chapter Thirty-Seven
"These tunnels are filthy," Kharshai said with distaste, brushing a large amount of cobweb off of his robes.
"Oh, I'm sorry," Zemouregal replied acidly, "do you keep your secret way for people to attack you perfectly clean and welcoming?"
"No," Kharshai said, "because I prefer to avoid leaving people secret ways to attack me."
Zemouregal scowled. "You should be glad I never got around to fixing Lamistard's idiocy. If I had, we would have had to go through that mess outside to get into the fortress."
"It has been a long while since I was privy to such inane conversation," Guthix said, his tone neutral. "How much farther must we trek?"
It's been a long while since you've been privy to anything, you lazy sack of bones, Zemouregal thought, but all he said was, "No need to panic, we're almost there."
He wasn't wrong, and less than a minute later they were stepping over the disorganized scattering of stones and dirt that took up a small section of his basem
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Shadows of a Lost Mind, Chapter 36
Chapter Thirty-Six
"Aren't they going to notice that we didn't go with them?" Azzanadra asked his god as they made their way back down to the Senntisten Temple.
"Almost certainly," Zaros replied. "We shall deal with those consequences when they become relevant."
Wahisietel and Akthanakos were standing in front of the headless altar, engaged in a heated discussion. When Azzanadra and Zaros entered, however, they both immediately turned to face the new arrivals.
"What has happened?" Wahisietel asked urgently. "Where is Enakhra?"
"Take note, Azzanadra," Zaros said coolly. "Wahisietel is still one with his senses."
Azzanadra looked at his feet, caught between shame and anger. Apparently his mistakes weren't going to be forgiven quite as easily as they had been in the past.
"Enakhra?" Wahisietel asked again. "Where is she?"
"She is dead," Zaros replied. His tone was flat and measured, as though the female Mahjarrat's death was no more worth commenting on than the weather. "Sliske has
:iconkinakalamari:KinaKalamari 3 1
Shadows of a Lost Mind, Chapter 35
Chapter Thirty-Five
Initially, Azzanadra wanted to laugh. Send them back to Freneskae? That was just absolute nonsense. But then Guthix continued to speak.
"Gielinor has been plagued by your warlike ways for long enough," the god said. "It would be best now for you to return to your own world, where such behavior will not destroy civilizations."
Kharshai stepped forward, his expression solemn. "Considering that you've just murdered our last hope of survival, what good will it do us to stay here?"
Azzanadra wasn't about to let that pass. "No one here killed Enakhra."
"Perhaps not directly," Kharshai said, "but I hold you all responsible. It is this petty fight that led to her death, and you have all contributed."
"That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard," Zamorak said. "This 'petty fight' has been going on since the second age and has involved hundreds of thousands of people. Why single us out now?"
His air quotes were possibly the most sarcastic thing Azzanadra had seen since t
:iconkinakalamari:KinaKalamari 1 3
Shadows of a Lost Mind, Chapter 34
Chapter Thirty-Four
Well, Sliske thought, I've really done it this time.
His gaze moved vaguely across the shadowy landscape around him as he walked, thoroughly unsure of where he was going. He couldn't go back to Gielinor, that much he knew. After what he had just done, it would be best to stay out of sight for a while.
He couldn't have asked for a more perfect place to hide. It was shocking, really, that after all these years that he had possessed this power over the other Mahjarrat none of them had taken the time to learn the same skills. Sometimes Sliske felt as though he was the only intelligent being in the Universe.
But he wasn't going to complain. No one could follow him here.
Just as he thought that, he felt a light flicker on in his subconscious. As horrible as it had been in past times to feel some of those lights go out, the idea of one blazing up now sent a jolt of panic through him.
Who in the hell had managed that?
With a small amount of closer inspe
:iconkinakalamari:KinaKalamari 2 4
Shadows of a Lost Mind, Chapter 33
Chapter Thirty-Three
Zamorak didn't loosen his grip on Khazard's windpipe, even as he shifted his attention to the two newcomers standing at the end of the alley. It was possible that Sliske had been operating solo, but any Zarosian was on his black list for now.
"What do you want?" he asked coldly.
Zaros didn't move forward or make any attempt to release Khazard. "I only wish to discuss this situation. There has been a grave misunderstanding."
"A misunderstanding?" Zamorak growled in return. "That's what you're going to call it?"
"That is what it is," Zaros said, his calm unbroken. "I was not clear enough in my commands, and failed to properly enforce my ideals. As a result, those who follow me were left to interpret my wishes. It would seem that their interpretation is not exactly what I would have asked of them."
"Them?" Zamorak questioned sharply, determined to figure out who was involved. "Did all of your lackies gang up to murder my…" He trailed off, re
:iconkinakalamari:KinaKalamari 3 9
Shadows of a Lost Mind, Chapter 32
Chapter Thirty-Two
Zemouregal was not prone to letting emotions overcome him. He was all about action. He funneled all of his shock and anguish and horror into single-minded rage, and launched himself Khazard. To hell with his vertigo.
Khazard, who had been standing stock still and staring unwaveringly at Enakhra’s prone form, seemed to realize that he was now in imminent danger.
“I… I didn’t…” he stuttered, backing away. “I would never…”
Zemouregal didn’t even pause. No excuses. Not now.
Khazard glanced around like a cornered rat, looked back at Zemouregal, and called up a teleport.
He wasn’t getting away that easily.
Zemouregal tackled the fleeing Mahjarrat just in time, and hitched a ride on the outgoing teleport. Wherever Khazard was going, Zemouregal was going too.
As it turned out, they were going to Ardougne. They landed right in the middle of the town’s bustling market, no disguises. Khazar
:iconkinakalamari:KinaKalamari 4 21
Shadows of a Lost Mind, Chapter 31
Chapter Thirty-One
If Azzanadra had learned anything from this convoluted, whacked out escapade, it was that waiting around for things really sucked. He had been standing in this temple for ages now. Perhaps it would have been more proactive to go find Zaros himself, but Zaros hadn’t at any point said where he was going and Azzanadra really couldn’t be bothered. So now he was just standing around, hoping that his Lord would return at some point.
Hopefully sooner, rather than later.
He counted the stones in the floor’s decorative brickwork seventeen times, arriving at a different number each time. He had finally gotten the same total five times in a row and was looking around for something else to count when a pale purple light began to infuse the room, indicating Zaros’s imminent arrival.
Once he had properly materialized, Zaros’s first words to Azzanadra were, “What are you doing here? You are supposed to be out gathering followers for my cau
:iconkinakalamari:KinaKalamari 3 8
Shadows of a Lost Mind, Chapter 30
Chapter Thirty
The fortress was very empty, and Enakhra was nowhere to be found.
Both of these things were troubling Zamorak. He had wanted to check in on Enakhra after their encounter earlier, but now it seemed that he might be the only thing in the fortress that was still breathing. Where was everyone?
The creak and slam of a door echoed against the stone walls. He turned toward the sound, muttering under his breath. It was about time.
The Mahjarrat standing in the front hall was sadly not one of the ones he had been trying to find.
"Hazeel," he said. Honestly, he had just about forgotten that Hazeel was even supposed to show up. "Took you long enough."
Hazeel dropped what looked suspiciously like a duffel bag to the floor with a thunk. "My apologies. I had things to attend to."
"Had to pack for summer camp?" Zamorak asked sardonically.
"You said battle," Hazeel replied. "I brought weapons. Where is everyone?"
Zamorak shrugged. "I don't know. Zemouregal was captured by the Zar
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Shadows of a Lost Mind, Chapter 29
Chapter Twenty-Nine
The planning room had been entirely silent and undisturbed since Kharshai had left nearly five hours ago. Zamorak wasn't necessarily enjoying the silence, but it certainly was conducive to thinking.
When the door slammed open and Enakhra all but fell into the room, Zamorak knew immediately that his thinking time was over. He jumped up and moved quickly across the room to stand next to her.
"What happened?" he asked.
She didn't look at him, just brushed past him to collapse into one of the chairs that sat near the table.
That was… odd.
"Enakhra." He turned to face her, his tone sharp. "What's wrong?"
"I don't know," she said tersely. "I… I think they captured him. Trapped him, maybe. He could be…"
Zamorak waited for her to elaborate, or at to least finish her sentence, but neither happened.
"Who are you talking about?" he asked. "Where have you been?"
She took in a deep breath, which would have been strange enough under normal circumstance
:iconkinakalamari:KinaKalamari 5 36
Shadows of a Lost Mind, Chapter 28
Chapter Twenty-Eight
Zemouregal's arms were crossed again, and it was pissing Enakhra off. She had told him before they had arrived that he would only be useful if he was friendly and cooperative. She probably should have known that was just a bit too much to ask, but she had still hoped that he would try.
Moia was standing in front of them, her eyes slightly narrowed and her mouth set in a suspicious frown. "You said you wanted to talk. This silence seems counterproductive."
Enakhra shot one glare in Zemouregal's direction before turning her attention back to the half-breed. "I'm curious… Why do you continue to submit to Lucien's wishes?"
Moia's frown deepened. "He is my father. Without loyalty to our kin, what are we?"
Zemouregal scoffed, and Enakhra reigned in her growing desire to soundly smack him.
"Loyalty should be reciprocated," Enakhra said, "or at the very least, appreciated. There is power within your reach, Moia. Don't let him hold you back." She tried
:iconkinakalamari:KinaKalamari 5 8
Shadows of a Lost Mind, Chapter 27
Chapter Twenty-Seven
Zamorak stood at the large wooden table in Zemouregal’s planning room, propping himself up with his hands splayed on the table’s top. He was trying to strategize, he really, honestly was. He just couldn’t focus on anything.
He could put two and two together as well as the next person, but this time it was coming out three and a half and he thought he may as well be driving nails into his skull for all the progress he was making.
Zemouregal had said… And then Enakhra had said… Which meant…
He gave his head a firm shake as though trying to dissuade a particularly persistent fly. He had a battle to plan. He shouldn’t be wasting time on this ridiculous nonsense.
And yet…
With a growl of frustration, he slammed his palms down onto the table.
“Troubles, Zamorak?” a voice asked from the doorway.
He looked up, startled. Kharshai was standing there, looking far more composed than Zamorak wo
:iconkinakalamari:KinaKalamari 5 12


I've just made a new DeviantArt account so that I have a place to post my original graphic art. I've had a lot of fun doodling around in Illustrator this past year or so, and I thought it might be cool to actually start posting it somewhere. None of it is fanart though and didn't really seem like the sort of stuff to post to this account.

If you'd like to see my new art, head on over to Tiny Turtle Design!

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