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kina and maz sketch

Drew this a while ago, meant to put it up sooner. I had to fix it a little, tho. anyway! tis kina and maz. yee!
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ohhh jeeze, this is so nice!! great anatomy @_@ i love the angle the girl's body is at. nice expressions too and... wow!!
preciousflame's avatar
Whoa, I thought I had commented on this a long long time ago, guess I didn't. o_O;

Anyway, I just wanna say that this is perhaps one of my most favorite pics of all time~ XD It's perfect, the anatomy, the pose, and the style. ^_^ I love it!
cuppapup's avatar
Damnit.. That is just sweet as. ^^
akisu-sama's avatar
How'd I miss this one? Excellent!
skumsycle's avatar
I just had to say something about this excellent pic. Making comments that are both encouraging yet constructive at the same token gets harder for me everyday but here goes: When I saw your featured deviation I just had to look at the image close-up. Everyday we are flooded with pictures and various other images and as a result our senses are dulled. Your pic reminds me of what is important when it comes to expressing oneself. Please don't take this the wrong way cuz of the way I'm saying it. Your pic isn't simplistic to the point of absurdity or chaotic due to overriding complexity, but really a masterpiece that is priceless. Really though people tell me how good my drawings are but you have put me to shame. :D (Big Grin) I'm glad cuz I know there is another human being whose skills and talents eclipse my own.
sashamya's avatar
have i posted on this yeett? *peers down list* .. no apparently not ._. *special* es prettyyy. *likes the cleanish line art* you're good at making pix look more complete w/ just a bit of color
kelloggz's avatar
*in awe* wow.... thats awesome. it's PERFECT aside from her forearm and hands being a little bit too wide. you kick ass... i wanna see this in color too. =) (Smile) i'm faving this
bookofmagik's avatar
I like your style, the flowing lines.. very nice. ;) (Wink)
kawaiimarti's avatar
i love this, the pose and expressions are just so cute!!
xelene's avatar
you look so sweeet sweet sweeeeet..and maz is one lucky bro neh..shalala :D (Big Grin)
staccato's avatar
GEEZ!!! This is SO cool. @_@
nakedturtle's avatar
Oooh, they're so cool! I love their faces and poses best!
ZebroidZenith's avatar
me likes- me likes!!!!
ayname's avatar
So beautiful! (*o*)
slimjim's avatar
like the char style with teh big pants n t's, nice lil faces as well..
hypereclipse's avatar
This is so cute! I definately love the outfits and this just looks fantastic. But, aww... The expression on your pictures is always cute. ^_^ I love the look on their faces. Good work, as always!! w00t!
innocent-evil's avatar
aww ish so purrty :D (Big Grin)
senorrandom's avatar
awww... totally cute.... you did a great job....
kina's avatar
aww wow thanks guys! I didnt think I'd get so much feedback on this one ^__^ thanks! I think maz will be coloring it.
poundpup's avatar
your anatomy is awesome and tey look soo happy with each other and wondering why you are staring at them... i like this a whole bunches.. i want to draw that soo bad and color it!
lene's avatar
Eeh, this is sexy :) (Smile) Keep it up Kina! *teh love*
raya's avatar
AWWW!! Hug You two look adorable! Amazing sketch Kina! as always! :) (Smile)
meredith's avatar
jsut adorable. very nice pencils, the two figures defiantely fit together nicely! :D (Big Grin)
hope you ink and color it!
dai-chan's avatar
awww this is too cute! nice guy! *stares* i loooooooove Heart the jeans! esspecially on the guy and their expressions are too cute too ^_^
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