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Sewaddle Shimeji

I thought I'd try my hand at shimejis.

This is what I did with my day off. @ o@;;;

Referenced off that joltik on my screen too.

Okay, how to use:
1) Dowload .rar file
2) Open with 7zip/winrar
3) Extract folder somewhere you can find it easily
4) Open shimeji.exe
5) Drag around, or watch them go along.

In your taskbar, if you right click, the menu in order says
"Another one" (Makes another shimeji, can also get another by clicking the icon)
"Follow me" (Follows your mouse)
"Leave one" (All go away but one)
"Give back IE" (Returns internet/MSN screens)
"Exit" (Self-explanitory)

Sewaddle and Joltik (c) Gamefreak
Joltik Shimeji (c) Original owner
Shimeji (c) Group-finity [link]
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Its so cute! I wish it was a Zip file Q.Q
Tokyo2314's avatar
is there a way to get winRAR for windows 8? I have to use .zip files for mine.
TheDiamondPaw's avatar
I has winrar that works exelent here.
Asuna26's avatar
Does not work, it always redirects me to a site for Java, but I already have the latest version. ='(
s'ry i'm french ^^" et nulle en anglais...
can you help me? =/
NightMareBlitz's avatar
my screen is adorable because of you ;w;
SmashWaffle's avatar
Oh my god. The wierdness!
BlueSkinnyJeans's avatar
MettagiriSuru's avatar
>w< so unbelievably cute!!
Typhloser's avatar
I love Sewaddle ;-; Is there a link to the Joltik?
nokinno's avatar
That is so darn cute! :iconblueheartplz:
RandiQueen's avatar
that is so cute... o.o
Kina-Maaka's avatar
: O~ I'm glad you like it
PrimalDialga's avatar
This has made my desktop a more happy place.
Veh-ChibiBellezza's avatar
awwwwww~! thank you so much! :iconiloveyouplz:
Kina-Maaka's avatar
No problem! It was fun really!
unicornpuff555's avatar
Is this hard to do?
Kina-Maaka's avatar
Uh...Kinda, it's more time consuming than anything but it was really good for teaching me how to be more consistent in my drawings.
Titoes's avatar
So cute! Thanks for making this! It's just on te top of my screen now... >w>!
Kina-Maaka's avatar
asdf <3 I'm glad you like it!
iiThelema's avatar
Thankyuh forthiss!:D
Kina-Maaka's avatar
iiThelema's avatar
x3 :typerhappy:
Its sosososoooo cuteee!:'3
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