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Green Arrow

By Kin-Tsuki
Name: Oliver Queen
Current Alias: Green Arrow

It's been a long time without posting anything here, but I've decided to come back in style. This is undoubtedly one of the coolest characters for me in the DC universe, maybe because of his anarchist way.

C ya

(DC reboot)
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SawuScimitar74's avatar
Astounding! Love the richness of the colors! :)
spacecookiejr's avatar
Fantastic. The rain and the green effects just make it even better. :D
Keikaku-Kaijuu's avatar
I really like this piece, which seems really fitting now that Injustice has basically brought the beard back into mainstream media.
LightsKira's avatar
I love that you used his new design, but still gave him the beard. I really miss that beard.
Kin-Tsuki's avatar
Oh thanks, I rly like the beard so... hahaha :D new design without it... blergh lol
Hossinn's avatar
He reminds me of Alexander Skarsgård. Which is awesome because I've always wanted him to play Green Arrow in a live action movie!
TheDawrkKnight's avatar
Stephen Amell already plays a great Oliver Queen though. I know your opinion is just a suggestion, but why would anyone want to take the Arrow role from Steve, just saying, plus DC wants to link their tv series with their films, maybe he'll be in a JL movie, fingers crossed.
Hossinn's avatar
Well Arrow hadn't start airing back when I wrote that comment. It's a nice show but I'm extremely doubtful that they will link it with the cinematic universe. It would be best in my opinion that the universes stay separate; The Justice League doesn't add Green Arrow and Arrow doesn't have any of the Justice League show up.
Kin-Tsuki's avatar
loool good idea Alexander Skarsgard as Green Arrow \o/
Melacollina's avatar
Can I just say ... Wow. Seriously. Wow. He looks real. Like life-like real.
"I hacked the motion sensors." - Robin.
SilvaFerreira's avatar
Du caralho muito foda.
picturediva89's avatar
the eyes are intense and so is the detail of the rain!
Wolfzero-kun's avatar
ElMagron's avatar
Bem loco eim! gostei do estilo, parece que ele tem uns 20 anos!
TheGabrielness's avatar
hafner's avatar
Ludsm2's avatar
Ótimo trabalho.
eduardus's avatar
foda kinhow, curti as cores e o efeito da chuva
mto bom
studiocartoon's avatar
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