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Vicky van der Westhuizen XIV

By KimTyranto
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Full Name: Vicky Téa Désirée Jillian Cainnech Wanda Judith Andrijana Biróg Matilda Áedammair Darina Róisín Ériu Océane Dubhchobhlaigh Lasairfhíona Naomi Úna Tuathflaith Vanita Zita Áine Cornelia Eliana Keira Miley Conainne Síthmaith Zoe Corina Shulamith Saorlaith Celine Richardis Onóra Caintigern Haydée Madeleine Fíneamhain Arianrhod Elektra Rachel Hermione Medea Azucena Ljubica Radmila Vesna Roxana Logan Ileana Ioana Valéria Renée Émilie Monique Émilie Alena Diamond Pearl Gormflaith Deichtine Gunhild Imelda Mór Síle Queralt Tamara Uxue Xóchitl Yvette Zora Viola
Nickname: Vicky
Last Name: van der Westhuizen
Age: 16
Date of Birth: 10 July 1998
Hometown: ?
Current Location: ?

Vicky is a young girl from a faraway region - she's not from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova or Kalos, or Vresun, but she is from the Symforá region. Her family has the tradition of naming all females "Vicky" - she's the fourteenth Vicky in the family, and her full name is outright ridiculous in comparison (seventy-four names long).

She uses the Trainer Class of "Pokémon Connoisseur", and can know exactly what moves a Pokémon can learn within five levels' range (though she can only guess in the case of unhatched Pokémon, in which case her guess is hilariously wrong - a Pichu that knows Judgement, for instance, or an Unown that knows Dragon Ascent, has been known to be her most incorrect guesses).

This was made with the Pokémon Trainer Creator (v2) by :iconhapuriainen:.
The character is one of DiankeSmith's sister's characters.
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