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Taylor Smith

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Full Name: Taylor
Last Name: Smith
Age: 18
Date of Birth: 1 June 1996
Hometown: Nervegas City
Current Location: Castle of Ruination

One of the Elite Four, and the Poison-type specialist. Taylor battles her foes in Single Battles, and gives the victors the Neurotoxin Symbol as well as TM070 (Toxic Gale). She is capable of Mega Evolving her Pokémon with her Mega Evening Gloves; the Key Stone is at the top of her right glove.

Normally, she would wear a face-concealing gas mask, because of her obsession with the things, but since Vresun's current Champion has a phobia of them, she reluctantly doesn't wear one. She is rude only to people who she hates, and she had dated Seabreeze City Gym Leader Alexis's brother Aidan prior to his death in a vehicle incident. She has been in mourning for five months, but spent most of her time waiting in the Castle of Ruination with the other Elite Four. She dislikes the current Champion, but prefers not to be honest about it for fear of losing her position.

She has two biological sisters, one of them older than her, and the other one, younger than her. Dianke, a fellow Elite Four member and the younger of the three, and Lily, the president of the Vresun region's Poké Ball manufacturing company, as well as the oldest of the three. She also has three stepsisters - Bloom, Charlotte and Ariana Seymour, all of them Gym Leaders.

This was made with the Pokémon Trainer Creator (v2) by :iconhapuriainen:.
The character represents one of my friends, who is DiankeSmith's sister.

Also, Elite Four of Vresun hand out Symbols that are needed to access the top floor of the Castle of Ruination, where the Champion awaits.
They also hand out TMs; in this case, Taylor hands out TM070 (Toxic Gale), a fanon move.
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