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Serena Smythe

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Full Name: Serena Sonia
Last Name: Smythe
Age: 19
Date of Birth: 15 September 1995
Hometown: unknown
Current Location: Castle of Ruination

One of the Elite Four, and the Normal-type specialist. She battles Trainers in Double Battles. Trainers who defeat her get the Purity Symbol and TM042 (Facade). She can Mega Evolve her Pokémon with her Mega Gas Mask, but she doesn't use it during Elite Four matches as the Champion is deathly afraid of gas masks. She keeps it in the satchel.

There's more to her than meets the eye, however - she's also the leader of the most evil villainous team in the Vresun region, Team Oleander, and her goal is to pollute the region. After defeating the Elite Four, but before battling the Champion, Team Oleander will interrupt the entire quest to take on the Pokémon League, and Team Oleander's leader can be battled, twice in a row - the first time she uses six Poison-type Legendary fanon Pokémon, while the second time, she uses her own team (during which she will Mega Evolve her Pokémon). After being defeated, she is arrested and her sister Daphne Smythe takes her place as Elite Four member (though Daphne can't be battled until after the Champion has been defeated). Serena can be battled after the Champion is defeated, though this requires special permission.

She is the cousin of the Seymour girls (the first three Gym Leaders of the Vresun region).

This was made with the Pokémon Trainer Creator (v2) by :iconhapuriainen:.
The character represents one of my friends.

Also, Elite Four of Vresun hand out Symbols that are needed to access the top floor of the Castle of Ruination, where the Champion awaits.
They also hand out TMs.
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