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Lily Smith

By KimTyranto
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Full Name: Lily
Last Name: Smith
Age: 20
Date of Birth: 21 June 1994
Hometown: Nervegas City
Current Location: unknown

Lily is the president of the company that manufactures Poké Balls in the Vresun region. She takes care of her sisters and stepsisters, since their parents are missing in action for longer than six months and the Smith trio's biological mother died in 2013 (IRL year; no idea about the in-universe year). She battles Trainers in Single Battles and gives out enough cash to buy seven hundred Ultra Balls.

She has the odd habit of wearing socks and tights at the same time. She is rich enough to have helped out with construction of the Castle of Ruination, where the Elite Four and Champion are battled at, and the town around it. She is capable of Mega Evolving her Pokémon with a Mega Ring on her left hand.

She has two biological sisters, both of them younger than her. Dianke, the youngest, and Taylor, the middle sister, are both Elite Four members. She also has three stepsisters - Bloom, Charlotte and Ariana Seymour, all of them Gym Leaders.

This was made with the Pokémon Trainer Creator (v2) by :iconhapuriainen:.
The character represents one of my friends; specifically, DiankeSmith's oldest sister.
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