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Kim Tyranto (Gym)

By KimTyranto
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Full Name: Kimberley Abigail Liesl Rachel Shana
Last Name: Tyranto
Age: 18
Date of Birth: 1 June 1996
Hometown: Flameblaze City
Current Location: Flameblaze City

The eighth Gym Leader of the Vresun region, and a Fire-type specialist. Kim battles her opponents in Single Battles. She hands out the Blue Phoenix Badge and TM119 (Flame Wheel) to Trainers who defeat her. She has a Mega Bracelet on her right arm, which she uses to Mega Evolve her Pokémon.

Kim has a younger sister whose name is Hinata (Kim named her own sister), and a cousin whose name is Caitlin. She used to have a crush on the Vresun region Champion and ex-Gym Leader of Frostchill City, Shane, but she got over it after he got engaged to the Skygale City Gym Leader, Ellen. As of recently, she will often battle alongside her sister or cousin in her free time. Kim always wears thigh-highs and shoulder-length gloves, though she claims there's a reason for it. What this reason is, nobody but her sister and cousin know.

She has a Pikachu that was tormented by a villainous organization; as a result, her Pikachu is Electric/Fire-type and can learn Fire-type moves, which is normally impossible.

Outside of Flameblaze City, she wears a different outfit.

This was made with the Pokémon Trainer Creator (v2) by :iconhapuriainen:.
The character represents myself.
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