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Horace Magick and Isis Anomaly

By KimTyranto
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Guy's Full Name: Horace
Guy's Last Name: Magick
Guy's Age: ?
Guy's Date of Birth: ?
Guy's Hometown: Civitas Mentium City
Guy's Current Location: ?

Girl's Full Name: Isis
Girl's Last Name: Anomaly
Girl's Age: ?
Girl's Date of Birth: ?
Girl's Hometown: Elektra City
Girl's Current Location: ?

Horace Magick is a stage magician, doing things like card tricks and pulling Buneary or Bunnelby out of hats. His Pokémon are Psychic-type, and he can Mega Evolve them with his Mega Glove (his left glove has the Key Stone).

Isis Anomaly is a programmer, making computer programs for a living. Her Pokémon are usually related to computers, so she uses the Porygon line and Glitchrift, for instance. (Glitchrift is a weird fanon Pokémon.) She is incapable of Mega Evolving her Pokémon.

They started dating in March 2014, and are a young couple.

This was made with the Pokemon Pairings dress up by :iconhapuriainen:.
These characters are characters I just thought up about a few days ago.
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