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Dianke Smith

By KimTyranto
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Full Name: Dianke
Last Name: Smith
Age: 16
Date of Birth: 11 June 1998
Hometown: Nervegas City
Current Location: Castle of Ruination

One of the Elite Four, and the Fairy-type specialist. Dianke battles her opponents in Single Battles, and rewards those who defeat her with the Nether Fairy Symbol as well as TM047 (Dazzling Gleam). She can also Mega Evolve her Pokémon using her Mega Capture Styler, which was actually custom-made by her late mother, one of the best Pokémon Rangers of the Vresun region. Dianke is also the leader of a group calling themselves Team Rose.

As a young girl, she is very, very shy, and tends to stutter a lot as well as having a mannerism (inserting "ah" between a lot of her verbal sentences); however, when she gets angry, both mannerism and stuttering vanish entirely and her demeanor becomes cold and ruthless. She rarely trusts people, especially since life has been unfair to her. Three months ago, she was in the hospital after a failed suicide attempt stemming from depression over various things; she sees her psychiatrist every day and goes to the hospital every day now.

She is often awake until 4 am in the morning, making her somewhat of a night owl, metaphorically speaking. She tends to wear fishnet stockings at almost all times; the only times she doesn't wear fishnets would be when she battles Trainers as the Leader of Team Rose and also when she battles them as a Pokémon Ranger. Her Capture Styler is the last memento of her late mother that she has.

She has two biological sisters, both of them older than her - Taylor, a fellow Elite Four member, and Lily, the president of the Vresun region's Poké Ball manufacturing company. She also has three stepsisters - Bloom, Charlotte and Ariana Seymour, all of them Gym Leaders.

This was made with the Pokémon Trainer Creator (v2) by :iconhapuriainen:.
The character represents one of my friends, DiankeSmith.

Also, Elite Four of Vresun hand out Symbols that are needed to access the top floor of the Castle of Ruination, where the Champion awaits.
They also hand out TMs.
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