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Dwarf Warrior

Dwarf Warrior is one of Dwarf King's brothers.

I would like to make a character who is most strongest and honest.

Nothing decided yet even his name.

Drew in 2013.

I used Pencil 2B , 4B


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your works are all awesome.. cant fave them all so i chose one :)
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Wooooow this art is amazing
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God dude, this is top quality.
CyclopBunny's avatar
Is this your character or is it a character from a story? :)
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I love dwarfs! This is awesome! :D
jiolein's avatar
baah.. cool! :)
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oh my cat!! amazing!! ♥
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love that face - has that dour face of this tough race.
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Don't want to run into this guy in a dark alley. We all know dwarves love their ale too.
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gotta love dem beards:)##
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Sweet! now try the Hobbit Dwaf cast. Try turning those dwarfs into characters for WOW
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excellent mind blown job on the penciling skills! looks marvelous!!
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Stunning work, good friend! Great style!!! :clap:
All the best!
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He can be on my team.
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This. I like this.
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How about the name Hrotgar, comes from a book by Christopher Paolini. Your drawing really fits the character and is very well drawn.
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Very good job! ;)
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