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Straw Sticks and Bricks

By kimsol
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The portrayal of the wolf in The Three Little Pigs was really a rumour that was started to cover up some rather nasty business. Chinny Chin Pty Ltd butcher shop was a cover for what was really going on in the dark woods.  

Made for the Tales with a Twist Contest 

Contest - Tales with a twist: 1 month left!+UPDATE
Model: Gabrielle SilenceInSilver - digital art by SecretDarTiste.
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You can use also resources from outside Deviantart as well (please make sure you use stocks from legitimate sites). I wanted to promote the stock providers on Deviantart, but I also realize for this theme it can be quite difficult. I received messages from fellow deviants to allow this and also did a poll to know your opinions.
The main goal of this contest is to have FUN and to learn and challenge yourself. Good luck and I hope you come up with something extraordinary
Hello dear friends,
Thanks for all your notes, faves and support over the years since I have been a member on Deviantart! I am glad and proud to be a part of this great community! There
hosted by :iconsecretdartiste:

My ramble – when I saw this contest I was very much inspired to enter because I straight away thought of a (very poor/early days) artwork I had done 10 years ago titled The Pigs had Plans (take a look for a giggle if you want) The Pigs had Plans . The contest also coincided with a journal I was recently requested to write for :iconprojecteducate: where I was asked to share my personal journey in the area of photo-manipulation in their Being a Beginner Week

My Journey as a Beginner in PhotomanipulationBeing a Beginner Week
    Projecteducate has asked me to share my personal journey in the area of photo-manipulation, specifically about my experiences from when I was a beginner, how I progressed, learned, the struggles I faced and how I improved from my mistakes etc.
  Everyone’s journey is different, how people go about creating their art-forms and what techniques and tools they use are as varied as the artwork found on this site, so what I am sharing with you is just about me and some of my experiences.
    I joined DeviantArt eleven years ago with no intention of uploading anything, I had heard of Photoshop (PS) but I didn’t really know what could be done with it or how to use it. At that time for me DeviantArt was a website that I liked to visit from time to time to look at the amazing art.
Because of these two things putting this new artwork together was a lot of fun and I used the same cart from the first artwork as I have in this one (quite a difference to see).

Stock thanks here :heart:

Pig bodies… &…

Pig heads & arms… &…

Pig tails…

Big bad wolf… &…

Mice… &… &…


Axe… :iconnull-entity:

Fork & Cleaver…


Shackles & Secateurs…




Hats… &… &…














Pig sign…



All remaining resources are my own or painted


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© 2020 kimsol
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That'll be the end of that meddling wolf!

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Back at the Barnyard - Dr. Pig Icon ... for sure!

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ErikShoemakerHobbyist Digital Artist
haha, what an interesting and impressive evolution. You've grown so much :clap: Good luck in the contest!
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Irina-E Digital Artist
Great work, nice story :love: Good luck!
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Thanks so much sleeping pig emoji 
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DraakeTHobbyist Digital Artist
Hard work on those 3 characters!!! Excellent! Nod Heart 
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Yes there is a bit more work in them than what it might look like ... thanks for the feedback! :huggle: 
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Dani-OwergoorHobbyist Digital Artist
That's awesome work!!! :clap:
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Thank you ABM: Piggy Squee  (Animated Icon) 
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caddmanProfessional General Artist
wonderful work my friend...:heart:
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Thank you Wolfhug 
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caddmanProfessional General Artist

dear friend

you are most welcome

be safe and a  good cheer 2u

Happy Dance  pedobear plays guitarCheerleader
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Very intriguing twist on a classic! Great job!

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Thanks! Pig creepy 
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Wesley-SouzaStudent Digital Artist
hehe nice concept :clap: and great details :clap:
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Thank you Back at the Barnyard - Dr. Pig Icon 
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Null-EntityHobbyist General Artist
Glad the stock was useful :) and it came out so cool.
I do have to ask though for you to update/edit the stock credit as per my stock rules please :)
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Oh ... sorry, I hope that's right this time? Cheers ~ Kim
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Null-EntityHobbyist General Artist
That's perfect Thanks :)
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GangsterGojiNSFWHobbyist Digital Artist
"Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?"

Not these guys.
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Jans-artProfessional Artist
I hope, he didn't catch coronavirus, poor baby! Love your stories! Always greatly executed!!! Heart  
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kaisernero121 Digital Artist

What does the virus theme have to do with this picture? Why do people now have to carry this theme into every area of life, no matter how small? Isn't it enough that we are already being shit on by the crazy media for 24 hours?

Please think about it!

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