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Morgan le Fay - Enchantress


Morgan le Fay has been named as the ruler of Avalon, and skilled in the arts of healing and of changing shape. Has been claimed to be responsible for stirring up trouble between Arthur and Guinevere, yet finally appeared as a beneficent figure conveying Arthur to Avalon. Her magic powers were explained as learned from books and from the enchanter Merlin.

From my Arthurian series

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Stock thanks here :heart:

Morgan… &…



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Cool concept!! :heart:

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Wonderfully done, Kim! 
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Thank you :love: 
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:iconskull-twitchplz:   Very cool!!!!
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Wonderful scene and work :)
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very cool and complex artwork. I really like how this is not the typical manip scene with model + simple background but rather a more complicated scene that tells a little story. :thumbsup:
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Thanks so much ... I am doing a series and I am finding as I work through some of the art pieces they are starting to link, might be why a story is starting to appear. :heart: 
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Amazing artwork! :heart:
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... thanks so much black heart bullet 
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wonderful work...:heart:
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My pleasure!! Smooooch!
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Magical Work!Heart 
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Oh this is so beautiful, it could be in a fantast game, love it!
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Thank you :huggle: 
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Excellent artwork.

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