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By kimshyy
The cat design is mostly done by ~darktiger [link] (THANK YOU!)

I just edited it a bit so it'd be more...... ME :P
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If I didn't already have treble and bass clef tattoos I'd definitely use these!  So cute!
Hi there! Is this your design? I'm getting a tatto and this is just an amazing idea of what I want...  but i would really like to know how's the author of something that will be forever on my skin, if u don't mind  :)
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Do you mind if I digitize this and run it through my embroidery machine?
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No please feel free! :) How exciting!
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I would like to have a tattoo like that!!! It's perfect - I'm a total cat person and I've been singing my whole life! Love it!
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Thank you! I've had this tattoo done and I love it! :)
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Hehei! Would it be ok to use elements of this design to design a set of earrings?
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Cool! Would you mind if I use this design for a friendship bracelet pattern?
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Aow, thank you! Lovely gallery btw, you seem to be very talented in several fields of art. Great to see!
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You're welcome & thank you very much!
Love it! :D
I would like to tattoo this design sometime in the near future. Only I would like to change a little of it, is it ok? :) If you want to know what I want to change, I can send you a message about it.
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Yes that's fine! If you could please show me (and ~darktiger) a picture of your edited design that'd be great! Thank you.
I meant I would like to get it tattooed on me. I made it sound like I am an tattoo-artist or something lol.
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its so elegant and delicated
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thanks! That's what I like about it too! :)
Wonderful picture! I've been searching all over the place for ideas for a cat tattoo and when I saw this one it jumped out at me. I love my two cats and that was the original inspiration for getting the tattoo but your design also combines it with the element of music, something that's also a huge part of my life. If I could get your permission to use this design in the future for my tattoo I'd love you forever! But if not I'd understand. None the less this is an awesome piece of work.
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I would like to see pictures of the completed tattoo. Please and thanks.
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Thanks! As mentioned I got the idea from someone else, so it's not all mine either ^^
I'm fine with you using this design, am actually thinking of getting it myself :) So just go ahead! Good luck!
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