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dark whispers.
the definition of deep.
the way you ride.
coming together.
rules to abide to.
places to go.
people to see.
things that happen.
for the world to see.
people coming from everywhere.
things around me.
i'm not scared.
but i should be,
the legend goes.
i'm not a legend.
that everyone knows.
i'm only 14.
hanging on.
to what the world gave me.
by singing a song.
only a whisper.
growing dim.
i'm left in the dark.
hanging by a whim.
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destined fate.
its coming back.
the symptoms dormant,
waiting to attack.
i feel it.
coming through my back.
ruining everything.
its bitter.
this cold, hard world.
waiting till your on the ground,
so it can kick you
some more.
you bite the dust
with a feeling so cold.
its overcoming you.
you have no one to hold.
its growing black.
everything getting dim.
you are fighting something.
that you are not meant to win.
can you overcome fate.
can you fight through the tears.
you are holding on to nothing,
but your own fears.
chained like a prisioner.
looking for the key,
that unlocks the door.
to your destinity.
how can one little thing
make you throw your dreams away.
how can one of the test,
make you loose hope for all the rest.
it sends it affections.
so you better beware.
something could happen.
anytime, anywhere.
something so big
that you will not see,
what has happened,
to your destiny.
overcome by fate.
now the world can see.
the side of you,
that you never wanted to be.
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How I Think of You.
How I  Think of You
I love the way you look at me,
the way your eyes shine through.
Imagining what can never be,
meaning me and you.
Your smile shows your character and how you make me feel.
Everytime you look my way,
I think "Can you be real?"
I enjoy having you around,
although Im not your style.
Yet every word you speak to me,
makes it all worth while.
You think you know me through and through,
but suprisingly you don't.
I want to tell you everything,
but my heart says "I wont."
Im afraid to tell you who I am,
because of what you'll say.
Cause once you know, I have a feeling,
this will never go away.
Although in this poem it may not show,
But Rob, you're the sweetest guy I know.
Can you keep a secret?
So can I.
Love your Secret Admirer.
Gabrielle Bolton
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eye by kimsaysdie eye :iconkimsaysdie:kimsaysdie 1 15 Heart Leaf by kimsaysdie Heart Leaf :iconkimsaysdie:kimsaysdie 1 19
What is this mind racing, heart pacing thing called love?
Is is why we are alive?
What we are put on this Earth to do?
Is the reason for our existence to fall in love and have kids?
So they to can grow up and do the same thing?
So what is this mind racing, heart pacing thing called love?
a feeling,
an abstaract noun,
of so much meaning and life that only God can know,
I know he said to be fruitful, but is that why we are here?
Our are we hear to make a difference in this world?
A world full of hate, shame, envy, and lust.
Our we hear to fix it according to what he wants?
What his standards are?
What is this mind racing, heart pacing thing called love?
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ABBS. by kimsaysdie ABBS. :iconkimsaysdie:kimsaysdie 0 30 My First Sauske. by kimsaysdie My First Sauske. :iconkimsaysdie:kimsaysdie 3 58 ME. by kimsaysdie ME. :iconkimsaysdie:kimsaysdie 0 55
so many of them,
so much you can do with them, you can make a life, or end one,
birth and death, you can cause hurt and pain,
make someone's life miserable,
or you can make them a star,
so why do we take these little things for granted,
when their are infinite possibilites to just one of them,
all the things you can do with one word,
they are so strong,
so powerful,
the root of all evil,
the reason of your existence,
you can become an angel in someones eyes using them,
or you can become a coldhearted divil with a sharpened pitchforck ready to strike someone's heart from their very chest,
end their very existence,
their reputation,
as their heart,
the words are marching in your brain soon taking a detour down you mouth,
or to your hand,
were you can write it out,
your feelings,
with these simple things called words.
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Wooden Man. by kimsaysdie Wooden Man. :iconkimsaysdie:kimsaysdie 0 22
They have caught me,
right in my tracks,
found me and betrayed me,
they yell and say mean things,
I act like I don't care,
but I do,
I hate them,
they used to love me but
thats all gone not and im left with nothing,
a mere whisper in the circle of life,
I am the true bad guy though,
the one that lied to them,
don't be decieved by my stupid excuse to write,
for I am the bad guy,
I should be the one that dies,
not them,
stupid blonde with a heart of lead and a conscience of empty voices.
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