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edit: I decided to color it the best I could with my touch pad..need a tablet..D:

for :iconthe-ergo-proxy-club: make your own proxy contest.

do I have a story? no, not really...
the name says it all. & well,
he was nice enough to evacuate the people of his dome to nakama's happy dome, because he sensed the inevitable. :D and you know what happens after that. NA KA MA!

watch ergo proxy.
then tengen toppa gurren lagann! row row fight the powah!
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Nice cloothes! hehe thats one thing im quite bad at, I should watch ergo proxy sometime
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what are you talking about..not good at clothes!! liar. :P

yes you shouldddd. and tengen toppa gurren lagann.

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you are! :donut: ooh ive heard thats good too, though all ive really seen is felisdeityus' drawings of viral!
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omgosh you need to get your tushie moving and watch that series! :D
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WOOOOO!! well done!!!!!! first place!!! i wanted you to win!!!
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::goes to check club::
OMGOSh...I didnt even know until you commented me. LOl.s !!

thank you!! congrats on 2nd place!!
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Oh wow! That looks totally awesome... *_*
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awww thanks!!

I havent heard from you in awhile. :noes: is there another art explosion upload on the way? XD
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Well, I have a few pieces I've been wanting to put up. But I can't seem to find them >_<

I am just working on trying to finish up this one image, and I guess I could do a WIP upload of this other project I'm working on ^_^
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ohh i saw ittt. i cant wait. :D
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I just finished throwing some new sketches onto newsprint paper XD;
Ones a rainbow coloured Sasu using Chidori X3
I'll try scan them tomorrow/soon <3
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interesting entry, was it black n white or color?
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it was blacknwhiteeee. cuz i just scanned it.
otaku-shigure-fan's avatar
awaaaa!! your proxy is better tha mine
KimSam-Soon's avatar
yours has wings and a really cool mask!! its so win!!!! :hug:
otaku-shigure-fan's avatar
pppp!!! you definetly deserve to win!!!!
KimSam-Soon's avatar
Nooooooes :noes:

mine doesnt look like a prooxyyy. it looks like a guy with hairy legssss. XD
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Oh my god, that's gorgeous. I'm serious.

You're totally winning this contest. Soi and Freya pale in comparison to this guy. D:
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yours has content and a story. and like they look like proxies!
mine looks like ... a person... with fuzzy legs...

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How do you do this with a touch pad? Good lord. *bows*
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HAHAHAA. nooo.
it was really easy. I cheat color.
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aw tanks my hamulus. :love:
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Nice line art, I love the horns!
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