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suppercherry flies fast

By KimRaiFan
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I have nothing to say about this:slow:
Don't judge me:slow:
It's late and this is what I do when it's late and I'm sleepy:eager:
And then I read until 2 AM :dummy:

Story of my life:lmao:
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SkySongTuneHarmonyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol lol lol lol flying cherry *eats cherry not hearing it screaming* :P
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Aww :giggle: it is great :dummy:

but i think as soon as the shadow "hits" the emote the shadow could be more transparent ;D
KimRaiFan's avatar
Yeah I tried it but I got it waaay to transparent and the animation looked "gappy" and I got annoyed:paranoid: But I shall change it xD
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Simple yet fun stuff ^_^
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lol the face of the yellow one is such funny :) nice job
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thank you:giggle:
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OktanasHobbyist General Artist
:lol: nice one
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Wolfo-da-DisasterHobbyist Photographer
yaay read xD
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Wolfo-da-DisasterHobbyist Photographer
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wisekidkStudent Filmographer
I love the idea :lol: The way super cherry's expressions changes.


The only thing I could say is when the shadow goes over the emote the emote gets dark, not just having a gray splotch over it :P
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I know:paranoid:
I tried to make it get dark but it looked retarded:iconstaresplz:
So I decided to leave it that way until the next day:slow:
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lol, supercherry pwns 8B
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LukezzProfessional Interface Designer
Is it a bird? plane? No! It's Suppercherry :dummy: :lmao:
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haha I won't ask anything =3

But it's really hard >.<

But the emoticon is so funny :lmao:
KimRaiFan's avatar
...ask :lol:
no seriously, I'm curious now:iconstaresplz:
BoiiW's avatar
Okay here goes:

''wtf were you thinking while making this? :lmao: ''
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.....I have no idea
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awesome :dummy:
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Tifa22Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha :XD:
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