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Ears from [link] .

For *FoxClaw100.
YES, I do take any kind of requests, AS LONG AS THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO SO WITH EMOTES. Yes, that includes support stamps and avatarsJust make sure you give me details about what you want or else it'll come ot shitty.:iconshakeyingyangplz:

I dun't liek dis caek.:noes:

However, I have all my reasons to fail on it, because I've just came from the pool one hour ago, and Mr. Sun tanned me a tiny bit too much.:faint: Nothing bad, it's just annoying.:noes: And I'm tired.:paranoid: FREAAAA-KIINNN' tired.
THIS ISSSS...:yawn:...Sparka? Sparla? Srasna? Spasma?:O
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this is so cute time to Facebook  and Twitter  and Google+  it
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awesome Can I use this
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i love it :]!

Can you make me an avatar, please?
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Requests are closed at the moment:noes:
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I love cake!Gimmie!
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Caek is blank.:|
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Very nice. Everyone loves cakes. The health nuts don't admit it, but I can see their eyes of desire for this cake :rofl:
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By the way.
Dentists hate cake.:noes:
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Yes, their nemesis, next thier Arch Enemy, the Candy Man.

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THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! NOMNOMNOM!!!! I'm gonna do the ying yang again!!!!!!!
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SO U LIEK ITTT???:noes:
Woah, that just made my day:icondroolplz:
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YEEEEEEEEEEEES X3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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