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Peeta and Katniss

Lol I never realized how ridiculous it is that Peeta is named after a bread until someone pointed it out!
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Well, Katniss is a plant name. An edible plant. 
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Wow I though it was a distortioned pronunciation that came from "Peter"....

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Peeta bread! xD He is a baker through and through! LOL
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Peeta Rye and forget a few other but yeah everyone is named after something. Prim, Rue, Clove, Cato all names have meaning and they fit the characters perfectly great pic by the way. ;)
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mallark means cake
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mellark can also mean a type of cake or bread . . . his name is bread bread and he lives in bread
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Really? Gods, as if it wasn't enough Katniss and Prim being named after plants... What does Suzanne has on her mind?
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Perfection, Peeniss all the way! xD
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look at katniss' face :faint: perfect! well done.
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Katniss looks like Kirsten Stewart [oh, like Belle from Twilight]
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What no one realizes is that the way his name is spelled, with two E's, his name is actually the name of a plant. Just like Katniss's.
Great job! Love the pic!
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Oh they look so adorable! This really matches my imagination of the characters in the book :)
Besides i love the colours you used alot!
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They look exactly how I imagined them. Jennifer and Josh were Ok in the movie but they weren't really Katniss or Peeta to me.
By the way, I never made that connection between Peeta and bread until you pointed that out and now I'm smacking my head upon my desk for being so thick. Anyway, love it!
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your work has been favourited here
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LOL. Katniss is named after a potato-like tuber. Her father always told her, "as long as you can find yourself, you'll never go hungry."

Amazing work!
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Is it just me or they're wearing the same clothes as hermione and ron in the las hp movie?
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