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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hey there!
Thank you very much for visiting my page!
I'm waaay more active on tumblr and instagram tho!! I rarely use deviantart nowadays...

I'm a 18 year old hobbyist who loves drawing. I'm in the first year of 2D Animation at HKU ;D
I also love to watch lots of cartoon and anime, pet my cat, play the violin and ice-cream.

I really want to improve so I'll really appreciate it if you leave a feedback comment \o/
Hi there! I know I'm really inactive on deviantart, but that's mainly because school is hitting me and I've been unable to finish a lot of drawings (I see DeviantArt mainly for finished drawings, so the bar is higher for me to upload anything haha, but I'm starting to be more active on instagram where I'll also post more wips or not-so-polished work)
That being said, I decided to maybe start doing conreports, because the main reason I've started to become really motivated to start tabling at cons was because of conreports I read from the artists I admired and I thought it was fun to share some experiences!

Tomocon 2017 is a two-day convention with around the 2.500 visitors. This was my first time tabling at Tomocon, but my third time tabling overall. My little sister came with me to sell some of her stuff, it was her first time tho (ludoi_artInstagram)

Prior to the con
I'm a huuggee procrastinator and a terrible planner, so the day before the con I was running all over the place to get things done ^^; Luckily I ordered the prints some days prior, because it turned out we ordered the wrong size orz, that's why I still have an enormous box of A4 sized prints (maybe I should try selling them online, because no one at cons wanted them :'D)
I also didn't check the set-up times properly so it was already getting late when I noticed we had to be there at 7:45 am rip. Luckily we got most of the things done in time and still got some sleep

First day
Getting up wasn't as hard as I thought, but we still lost a lot of time somehow and barely arrived in time. Luckily my parents gave me a ride, because I heard the busses were a reeaaall pain in the ass, especially as dealer, because you had to haul lots of stuff. With the experience from the previous cons setting up wasn't that hard. My sister and I were working real hard to set up the table while my parents were taking pictures and drinking coffee :'D
Imgp9646 (3) by Kimmynn
(My hand and my sister fighting with the tape)
Untitled by Kimmynn 
(Ludois bootiful art and a wild print of mine in the corner :'D)
Unnamed by Kimmynn
(meh art)

Sales were really slow at the beginning, but slowly it started getting more busy. But throughout the whole day I had the feeling I wouldn't be able to compensate the costs (but afterwards I even earned some money so it was better than expected!)
I sold lots of commissions and afterwards I even found someone being really happy about it in a convlog! That really made my day <3
Img 20170408 152559 by Kimmynn Img 20170421 153454 by Kimmynn Img 20170408 134034 by Kimmynn
(some of the commissions)

I was also able to meet some confriends again and sometimes left my table to walk around with them. I was also coincidentally placed almost right behind :iconevevon: who sold really awesome sketch commissions and :iconb4kuhatsu: who sold really cute buttons ;a; Please check them out!
I also bought a commission from Eve
Img 20170421 160703 by Kimmynn
(it's Rhott!)

I also got some really nice comments about my artstyle which was really encouraging! Also lots of people who tried to take pictures of my prints, so maybe I should make a "no pictures" sign next time, although it's still flattering haha, it's also really nice to see people get hyped when they see my prints ;a;

Afterwards I went to meet up with :iconkaironnn: and some cosplayfriends to shoot some pictures and get dinner! It was really nice, but I started to feel a bit drowsy
One of the friends went to my home because she also stayed two days and it was really fun to chat after the con! That way I could still experience a bit of what I had missed because I was sitting behind my table the whole day haha! We were both really tired tho so it wasn't very long till we decided to sleep.

Second day
Because our setup was already finished I thought we wouldn't need to get up early again, so we decided to stay in bed for a little longer, but when we arrived we got a kinda angry remark ("Didn't you read the rules?" -insert really annoyed face-). We still were able to enter luckily. We just needed to hang back the prints again which we took down for safety precautions and we were ready to go again.
Sundays are always really quiet, so after a while I went merch shopping.
Ff by Kimmynn Fffff by KimmynnIndex by Kimmynn 
I also wanted to get a pair of cosplay lenses but the ones I wanted were sold out ;-;

Overall I almost didn't sell anything at all on sunday. Maybe one or two prints but no commissions (as far as I can remember), which surprised me. We also had to close shop sooner because I had to rush home to help my parents with their shop.
Afterwards I got really sick hahaha, but luckily it's almost over now.

While I was writing this I'm starting to get more hyped for the next cons again xD and I think I'll write more reports, because this is really fun to do haha
Next con will be Animecon 2017 with :iconcheriin:! So hope to see some of you there :D
  • Listening to: Motivational Zelda music :') because I need motiva
  • Watching: Sakurada Reset
  • Playing: Will start playing Ocarina of Time soon
  • Eating: Watur

Hello there! Little status updates incoming :'D

Me and the amazing Cheriin have been going to cons together selling our art and now we finally have our facebook page!!
If you're interested go visit: [KimchiArts]

We are also invited to give some workshops and expose our work at Art United in Den Bosch! So if you're live close by or if you're interested, please come by and say hello :D
We are currently making some long overdue prepwork :""D But I'm reallllyyyy excited!

As for cons, sadly Cherrin won't be joining me this time, but I will be tabling at Tomocon 2017! I will post some status updates later on when I actually get my ass up and start prepping hahaha
  • Listening to: Kingdom Hearts OST
  • Watching: Ansatsu
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days



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