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RWBY: Raven, Ruby, Yang

By kimmy77
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so wholesome

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Cute family

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This is so sweet and adorable.

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Awwww. If Raven had actually been a good mom, Ruby probably wouldn't exist, but this is still a very touching piece of art.

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HelmetzidHobbyist Writer

This feeds my need for Soft Raven moments nicely. I shall live another day.

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TryToEpicHobbyist Digital Artist


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Cute and sexy ^^'

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So adorable.

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Summer would be proud of her if this were to happen

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Picture this scenario: Raven still leaves for the tribe, but she's the one who saves Yang and Ruby after the former's ill-fated trip searching for her.

This makes Raven realize that she's been a lousy parent, and so she returned to her motherly role.

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Gotta say, though, Raven rocks the suburban mother getup.

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This would be a bit ironic. Raven left this family to raise the tribe. Either she got hit in the head too hard or a memory wipe.....I'll just stop there. This is a wonderful artwork nonetheless.

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Cute fanfic maybe Raven can be redeemed who knows.

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so what, Raven becomes Stepmom for Ruby and Yang?

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I love seeing sweet pics like this! :huggle:

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This could still happen. I believe that Raven does love Yang and Ruby deep down.

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there was actually one fanfic where Raven returned to Ty and the girls after Samer died. But unfortunately I have forgotten its name, and beyond the beginning of initiation it did not advance chronologically.

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This is so sweet! I am glad that in this AU, she decided to come back and return the favor. Or you could look at this like Raven returning to

Tai sometime later after Salem is defeated.

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GarthTheDdraig General Artist

That's actually really sweet and unexpected. :)

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Summer was both a good mom to Ruby & a good Step-mother to Yang, So now it looks like Raven's just returning the favor to Summer for looking after Yang in her absence.

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A lovely 'what if'.

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So true 😊.

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LongLiveTheSovereignProfessional Traditional Artist

Hm, don't know which of the three I'd rather be :3

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